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10 Natural Hair Colors That Are Suitable for Tan Skin

From ash brown to light brown hair color

Are you looking for a natural hair color that is suitable for tan skin? Coloring hair is one way to make us look more different.

Hair which is the crown of women will always be one of the attractions of the overall outward appearance.

But choosing the wrong color of hair dye can make you look unpretentious. As much as possible, choose natural colors so that the appearance does not look strange when combined with the skin of most Indonesians who are brown in color.

Natural Hair Color

If you are confused about choosing which natural hair color is suitable for tan skin, you should listen to some recommendations for hair colors to choose from, namely:

1. Jet Black

The natural hair color that is suitable for tan skin is definitely black. Choose a jet black color that can make Moms look more beautiful.

Jet black is a black color that is dark and shiny, so it is suitable for use on people with brown skin.

This is because brown-skinned people basically have black hair, so if you choose jet black , it will look very natural.

2. Black Grey

If you are bored with black but want a natural look, you can choose black gray which is a combination of two colors, namely black with gray gradations. It can be light gray to dark gray.

If you only color it in gray, then the display doesn’t look natural. But on the other hand, if you combine it with black too, then the appearance of your hair will make your face more radiant.

This natural hair color for tan skin is widely used by young people who have straight to curly hair.

3. Dark Brown Mocha

If you have tan skin, one of the natural hair colors that suit your skin is dark brown mocha.

This color is at first glance similar to black, but if you pay attention, this color has a mixture of brown. Dark brown mocha does look a bit dark brown, so it is suitable to be applied to people with brown skin.

By using dark brown mocha colored hair dye , Moms appearance will look more feminine.

4. Brunette

Many Hollywood artists use brunette hair color, so this color is in high demand in salons. Brunette is a color that is actually a mix of dark and light brown.

So when coloring hair later there will be a color gradation used. From the top of the hair will be dyed dark brown, but going down the hair color will be lighter.

That way, it will look more beautiful. Natural brunette hair color is perfect for brown-skinned people because it can make your appearance look more exotic.

5. Ash Brown

Still with natural hair color with a slightly dark appearance, there is an ash brown color that you can choose for tan skin.

Ash brown is a dark brown color that combines with pale light brown and gray. The color combination of ash brown will make Moms look different and brighter.

Ash brown color is widely used by Asian people who have tan skin because apart from looking natural, the color also looks trendy .

6. Chestnut Brown

Want a slightly brighter natural hair color look? Moms can choose a chestnut brown color . This color is a color that is in the middle of dark brown with light brown.

The color display can be said to be very soft so that your appearance becomes more sweet and feminine.

Chestnut brown hair color is suitable for curly, curly, to straight hair types. So you don’t have to worry about your hair type . Plus, this color is also suitable for all ages, from 20’s, 30’s, to 40’s.

7. Caramel

Hearing the name, Moms will definitely remember the name of the food. The caramel color does look like the color of caramel made from melted granulated sugar.

The color is a slightly golden brown so that when applied as a hair color, your appearance will be more radiant.

This natural hair color is perfect for tan skin because it blends well with our skin tone.

8. Light Brown

Want to have blonde hair but don’t like the color flashy? Moms can choose light brown which has a more natural look.

This natural hair color is perfect for people with brown skin. The reason is, light brown has a mix of dark brown, light brown, and blonde colors. These three combinations are perfect for tan skin and will definitely look natural.

9. Burgundy

The burgundy color has actually been around for a long time and is still preferred by brown-skinned people because burgundy hair color will make the appearance more exotic.

Burgundy is a color created by combining red and brown. At first glance this color is similar to the color of red wine, aka wine.

If applied to brown-skinned people, the appearance of that person’s face will indeed look more exotic and sexy.

10. Rose Pink

Love the color pink and want to apply it as a natural hair color for tan skin? Moms can choose the color rose pink .

Rose pink is a pink color that is halfway between light pink and dark pink . So the appearance of the color is not too dark, but also not too young.

This color is very suitable as a hair color for brown-skinned people because it can change the appearance to be fresher and look younger.

What do you think? Is the natural hair color above suitable for tan skin? What color do you want to try coloring your hair with?

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