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10 Simple and Easy Ways to Tie Your Hair!

The method varies depending on the hairstyle you want

Hair becomes a woman’s crown, so Moms must know how to tie hair properly.

Different hairstyles will make our appearance more different.

So, it is not surprising that many women lengthen their hair so that it can be tied into different models.

To tie the hair properly, we really have to know the ways and the tricks first, because there are different hairstyles, so how to make them will be different.

Simple Way to Tie Long Hair

If Moms think how to tie hair is a bit difficult, from now on try to use a simple way of tying long hair.

Here is an explanation of how to tie long hair in a simple way that is easy to do, namely:

1. High Ponytail

How to tie long hair with a high ponytail model is actually very easy because you only need one hair tie.

The first thing you should do is comb your hair and pull it and collect it at the top of your hair.

After that, tie the hair with a hair tie.

If you don’t have a hair tie, take a few strands of hair to loop into a knot.

Then, pin the hair with a hairpin .

The latter method is mostly done because the bond will look more natural.

By using a high ponytail model , the neck will look more level and sexy.

2. Low Ponytail

If you want a more muted look, you can choose a low ponytail model .

To tie, Moms only need one tie or hair band.

How to tie low ponytail hair is very simple and easier when compared to high ponytail models because you don’t need to pull your hair up.

Just comb it neatly and collect the hair in the middle of the nape of the neck.

Then, use a hair tie. Easy and simple, right?

This method is mostly done if you don’t want to tie your hair tightly.

Because, usually when using the low ponytail model , the hair tie is deliberately made loose so that the former tie does not leave a mark.

3. Half Ponytail

For the next simple way of tying hair is how to tie hair for a half ponytail model .

So, some of the hair will be tied in a ponytail while the rest will be left loose.

Half ponytail is a hairstyle that makes the look more feminine and is suitable for long hair.

How to tie your hair in a half ponytail is to take some of the hair at the top from the side or ear and collect it behind your head.

Then, Moms just tie it using a hair band or hair tie.

4. Side Ponytail

For a side ponytail , how to tie long hair is also very simple.

Moms simply comb the hair and collect it to one side.

Direct your hair to the front side and tie the hair just below the ear.

The results of hair ties can be left hanging down the front of the shoulders.

That way, it will look more beautiful.

If you have long, straight hair , you can curl the bottom of your hair so that the look can look different.

5. High Up Bun

High up bun is a hair model that is now widely used.

Besides being simple, how to tie this model’s hair is not complicated and makes the neck look more level.

High up bun is a fluffy hairstyle that is tied over the head.

How to tie a high bun hair model starts with combing the hair to the top of the head, then gathering it together.

The method is similar to when making a high ponytail .

The difference is Moms will tie the hair to form a bun.

So once you’ve tied it in a ponytail , make a mini bun by looping the rest of the hair in the ponytail and locking it in with an extra hair tie.

That way, Moms will get a very beautiful high up bun hairstyle.

6. Low Bun

There is a high up bun , of course there is a low bun or what is often called the low bun model.

How to tie low bun hair is also not complicated. The method is very simple.

Moms simply comb the hair and collect it at the top of the nape of the neck and then tie it using a hair tie, like tying a low ponytail model .

It’s just that, after tying it, you just need to wrap your hair or roll it into the inside of the tie to form a bun.

After that, trim the remaining ends of the hair by tying it using an additional hair tie.

If you only have one hair tie , it’s best when you tie a low ponytail , don’t finish the tie first.

Roll your hair into a bun, then tie it back using the rest of the hair ties.

7. Half Up Bun

The next simple way to tie long hair is for the half up bun model .

Actually, how to tie this model’s hair is similar to how to tie half ponytail hair .

You can start by taking a section of hair from the side or above the ear and gathering it in the center of the back of your head.

If the half ponytail model is tied and then left loose, for this half up bun model, you have to pull the hair that has been collected in the middle of the back of the head.

8. High Pigtails

Do you like Justice League movies? Surely know one of the characters named Harley Quinn.

This character has the characteristic hair of high pigtails which are very popular.

How to tie high pigtails model hair is not difficult.

The first step, Moms must divide the hair evenly to the right and left sides.

Then, take the hair that is on one side then comb the hair towards the top of the ear and tie it neatly.

Do the same steps on the other side and you can get an easy and simple high pigtails hairstyle.

By using the high pigtails hairstyle , the display will look more cute and funny .

9. Low Pigtails

Another type of pigtails model is low pigtails .

For how to tie this low pigtails hair model , Moms can do it quickly.

The first step of how to tie low pigtails is that you can split the hair in two and then direct it to the front of the right and left shoulders.

Then collect the hair on each side and tie it using a hair tie.

Do the same for the other side too.

10. Good Space

The last way to tie long hair is for the space bun model .

This hairstyle is similar to the animated character named Pucca.

How to tie a space bun hairstyle is not difficult.

First of all, divide the hair in half by parting the middle of the hair to the right and left.

Then, take the hair on one side and comb it up towards the ear then make a bun, then tie it to lock it.

Do the same for the hair on the other side.

This hairstyle can make you look sweeter and is perfect for moms who do a lot of outdoor activities because it doesn’t make you hot.

Those are some ways to tie hair according to the hairstyle. Moms can immediately practice it now.

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