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12 Meaning of Pimples on the Face and Body, What are they?

Don’t ignore it, Moms!

Intrigued by the location of acne marks on the face? In fact, this indicates certain health problems, you know.

Acne is a condition of the skin that occurs when hair follicles are filled with oil and dead skin cells.

Apart from being clogged with oil, this is also a sign of a health problem.

So, what is the meaning of each pimple that appears? Come on, look at the facts below!

Meaning of Pimples

The cause of acne in one area of ​​the face turns out to be related to the health condition of the body. Here’s the explanation, Moms.

1. Pimples on the Forehead

Poor digestion and stress are often the cause of forehead acne .

“The forehead is connected to the digestive system,” says Lindsey Blondin, principal esthetician at George the Salon Chicago.

Reducing the amount of fat in your diet and increasing your water intake can help.

Not only that, the location of acne on the forehead can also occur due to a hormonal imbalance that affects the production of oil on the skin.

2. Pimples around the hair

The American Academy of Dermatology Association explains that pimples around the hair or hairline can be a different sign

“These pimple marks can also be caused by using heavy hair care products like conditioner,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York-based dermatologist.

Since the product doesn’t suit the skin, it can clog the pores around the hairline.

If you experience acne on your scalp , this may be a sign of changing your shampoo or other product care.

3. Pimples on the Eyebrows or Temples

What about the location of the pimple around the eyebrows? Acne on the eyebrows is quite common for some people.

Launching, this is caused by the presence of ingrown hair or the use of skincare that is not lifted perfectly.

Washing the face must be ensured clean so that no makeup or skincare remains around the eyebrows.

Drinking lots of water can be one way to help cope.

4. Pimples on Cheeks

The causes of acne near the top of the cheeks are related to the respiratory system.

Meanwhile, pimples on the lower cheeks usually indicate poor dental hygiene.

Even so, bacteria that are directly exposed to the face are the main cause.

Pay attention to pillows, phones, or other equipment that usually sticks to your face. It can also be a sign of the source of acne.

5. Pimples on Nose

Experiencing acne around the nose? The meaning of the location of acne is often associated with poor blood circulation in the body.

In fact, it can signal a heart problem, Moms.

In addition, frequent constipation can also affect acne on the nose .

Apart from health problems, the nose also has quite large skin pores.

If these pores are clogged or not kept clean, then this can lead to breakouts.

6. Pimples around the lips

Pimples around the lips and mouth are most often caused by poor digestion. This is due to the consumption of too much spicy and oily food.

Not only food, but toothpaste that is often used today can also irritate the skin.

Not only that, acne marks on the lips can also be due to an unhealthy diet.

Increase the intake of fiber and vegetables to overcome it, yes.

7. Pimples on the Chin

Pimples on the chin are one of the most common areas.

Launching in the Cleveland Clinic, acne marks on the chin are due to sex hormones or known as hormonal acne .

But if acne on the chin is more constant, then it could also be due to problems with the liver.

So be sure to find ways to help balance hormones. One of them is by consuming healthy herbal teas and vegetables, Moms.

8. Ear Pimples

Who would have thought, acne on the ear can signify a certain meaning. The outer part of the sense of hearing is closely related to the kidneys.

If the kidneys do not work properly, lack of water or nutrients, acne will often hit the ear area.

To overcome this, avoid caffeine and high salt intake in food. Don’t forget to drink enough water every day, Moms.

9. Pimples on Jawline

Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology explains that acne around the jaw or jawline indicates hormonal changes.

This means there is a disturbance in the skin layer. Often triggered by too much androgen hormone in the body.

If the levels are too much, it can stimulate the oil glands and clog the pores on the face.

Hormones can spike during or before the menstrual cycle.

Someone who uses birth control pills may experience acne on the jaw too, you know.

10. Acne on the neck

Some people experience acne on the neck which is quite annoying.

The location of this pimple indicates the presence of clogged skin cells. The cause can be from the cleanliness of the skin is not maintained, especially after sweating.

Using products that are not suitable can also make acne growth. This is like moisturizer, make-up , sunscreen or certain hair products.

11. Back Acne

In, explains that back acne can be a sign of skin that produces excessive oil.

This clogged oil in the skin triggers the uncontrolled growth of acne.

This blockage can also cause inflammation or itching of the pimple area.

One way to deal with backne is by using acne spot drugs, Moms.

12. Arm Pimples

Often the pimples that appear around the upper hands or arms are quite disturbing appearance.

Sometimes, the location of this pimple is red or brown.

Known as keratosis pilaris , these are commonly found on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks.

Apart from being inflamed, it can also cause discomfort or itching.

Now Moms are more familiar with the signs or meanings of each location of acne on the body, right?

Come on, apply a healthy lifestyle to prevent acne growth!

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