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3 Benefits of Centella Asiatica, Effective in Soothing Sensitive Skin & Make Bright Skin

Can moisturize dry facial skin too

If you like taking care of your facial skin or doing skincare , then you must be familiar with the name of this one skincare , namely Centella asiatica .

This one skincare ingredient is on the rise and much sought after because of its amazing benefits, Moms.

Centella asiatica is a type of wild plant commonly known as gotu kola leaf.

Even so, this one ingredient can not only be used as herbal medicine , but also for facial skin health.

If Moms are getting interested in trying Centella asiatica , before buying it to be more sure, check out the benefits below first, Moms.

What is Centella Asiatica?

Reporting from the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , Centella asiatica or gotu kola leaves are found in humid places with altitudes above 1,800 meters above sea level.

This plant is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Centella asiatica has fan-shaped leaves and has white or pink flowers. All parts of this plant can be used such as medicine.

Benefits of Centella Asiatica for Facial Skin

For those of you who are curious, here are the good benefits of centella asiatica for facial skin.

1. Overcoming Signs of Aging on the Skin

For some women, the appearance of signs of aging on the skin is a threat that must be avoided. What’s more, these signs of aging often appear earlier than your current age.

These signs of aging can be seen from the appearance of wrinkles in some areas of the face. Fine lines, dark spots, and sagging skin appear.

Of course, if these signs of aging appear early, it will be a pretty serious problem.

This triggers many skincare brands that make anti-aging products . According to Fight Aging , anti-aging are efforts made to prevent or reverse the aging process.

Then, what causes the appearance of signs of aging? Reduced collagen in the skin can make the face age faster.

As a result, the skin will look dull , wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. In addition to using special skincare for anti-aging , Moms can also take advantage of products made from Centella asiatica as the main ingredient .

It is said that the content of asiaticoside and madecassoside in c entella asiatica is able to help us regain a fresh, healthy, toned, and young face.

2. Soothes sensitive and acne-prone skin

Are you confused about dealing with acne problems that don’t get better? If so, you can try routinely using skincare made from Centella asiatica .

Sensitive skin problems and acne are always a major concern, Moms. The appearance of acne often lowers self-confidence.

Moreover, for some people who do a lot of activities outside the home. The presence of acne can also cause discomfort.

This is what ultimately triggers the number of skincare brands aimed at preventing and overcoming acne problems. Then why do you need to routinely use skincare made from centella asiatica ?

The reason is that in the plant there are many active substances such as saponins , essential oils , and flavonoids .

Not surprisingly, Centella Asiatica can work optimally to soothe sensitive skin to heal acne.

Mentioned, this content is also ‘friendly’ and safe to use for sensitive facial skin.

3. Moisturizing Dry Facial Skin

Another benefit of c entella asiatica is that it can increase the production of natural oil content on our facial skin thanks to the presence of saponins .

Dry facial skin often causes discomfort. Dry facial skin will usually feel rougher, even facial skin can experience cracking and peeling.

If this dry facial skin is allowed to continue, of course it can be dangerous for skin health, Moms.

The content of saponins in the centella asiatica plant is certainly very good for treating dry or dehydrated skin. Your facial skin can also be more moisturized!

Side Effects on Skin

After knowing the various benefits of Centella asiatica for skin and beauty, then does the use of this plant-based skincare have any side effects?

It is said that the use of Centella asiatica does not have harmful side effects.

However, the use of centella asiatica in the form of supplements must of course be based on doctor’s instructions or prescribed consumption rules.

In addition, because gotu kola leaves are combined with other ingredients in skincare products, it might trigger skin allergies.

Therefore, Moms can try using a little gotu kola leaf skincare on the skin and see the reaction. If an allergy occurs, immediately stop using the skincare products , Moms!

Those are some explanations about the benefits of centella asiatica. This wild plant turns out to have many benefits for skin and beauty.

Currently, there are many beauty or skincare products that use the centella asiatica plant as the basic ingredient. Moms can find a variety of these beauty products in convenience stores or online stores.

Not only that, centella asiatica also has other health benefits. Such as lowering high blood pressure, improving blood flow, to being used as an anti-depressant .

Well, after knowing a number of good benefits of this centella asiatica , will you use it?

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