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3 Types of Curly Hair Plus Easy Ways to Take Care of It at Home

Moms, want to know how to treat curls to make them easier to manage? Here’s the review!

Beautiful and easy-to-manage curls are the dream of every woman. It’s just that, there are some problems that are often faced by owners of curly hair, such as unruly hair, dry hair, or a scalp that tends to get oily more easily.

Hair loss is also a challenge for curly hair owners, so they must find the right treatment.

Well, actually curls have different types, you know! Anything? Then, how to properly care for curls? Check out the following discussion, yes, Moms.

Types of Curly Hair

There are several types of curls that you need to know about, including:

1. Wavy Hair

This curly hair model is usually also called wavy hair or wavy hair . At first glance, this hair type is a mixture of straight and curly hair.

Well, the base to part of the hair will be straight, and the rest will be curly.

This type of curly hair can have a variety of characteristics, such as wavy hair in only a few sections, hair that looks thick in several sections, or wavy hair that tends to fall.

The challenge of caring for this type of curly hair is that it is easy to swell .

2. Curly Hair

As the name suggests, this hair does have a level of curl that exceeds 50 percent compared to straight hair, so it is called curly hair .

There are several characteristics of Moms who have curly hair , such as curls starting from the base of the hair, or the shape of the arch that usually tends to be large.

The curve in curly hair has started from the base of the hair to the tip. If you have this type of hair, you should be careful in caring for it.

This is because this type of hair is difficult to style and tangles more easily if you don’t use the right comb .

3. Coily Hair

The next type of curly hair, namely coily hair or commonly called frizzy hair.

The difference between coily hair from other types of curly hair is that it has a very tight and volume level of hair curl.

The texture of the curls can resemble the shape of a bushy S.

The thing that becomes a challenge for coily hair owners will be felt when they want to lengthen their hair .

Because, if the hair is allowed to lengthen, this type of hair usually grows wider and wider instead of extending downwards.

In addition, this type of hair is also very easy to dry and rough.

Those are the types of curls that Moms can know. Next, what is the most appropriate step to treat curls? Check out the next discussion, OK!

How to treat curls to make it easy to manage

Regardless of the type, generally curly hair has the same problems, namely difficult to manage, easy to expand, coarse hair texture, and hair tends to dry.

Taking proper care of your hair is very important to keep your curls smooth, soft and manageable.

Here are some ways to treat curls that you can do, namely:

1. Choosing the Right Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is very important as a way of treating curls to make them smoother and easier to manage.

Reporting from the Indian Journal of Dermatology , shampoo is useful for cleaning the skin from dirt and other environmental pollutants, sebum, sweat, and other residues.

So, what type of shampoo is most appropriate for curly hair owners? Instead, Moms choose a shampoo that contains natural oils, such as olive oil, argan oil, glycerin, sorbitol, or shea butter .

The goal is to make curls that easily expand become smoother, softer, without feeling limp.

However, avoid using shampoos that contain mineral oil and petrolatum, which will damage the moisture in your hair.

Also, avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates because they can make your scalp dry, rough, and prone to breakage.

2. Proper Washing Technique

Did you know that shampooing techniques have an effect on hair health?

First, the thing to remember for owners of curly hair, is to avoid shampooing every day because it makes it difficult to maintain hair moisture.

If you wash your hair every day, the shampoo will strip the natural oils from your scalp. Well, the result is hair and scalp can become drier.

Second, when shampooing, you should avoid circular motions because it will make curls more easily tangled and difficult to manage.

Avoid shampooing in circular motions because it can make hair more tangled. Do the shampooing technique with forward and backward movements.

Wash slowly and there is no need to rush. Also, avoid gathering curly hair at one point,” says Jason Hallman, a New York hairstylist and member of the Curl Advisory Board.

3. The Importance of Using Conditioner

During the shampooing session, you should not forget to use conditioner, OK? Conditioner is one of the most important hair treatments for curly hair owners.

Curly hair needs conditioner to keep the hair moist and prevent the hair from growing.

In addition, the nutritional content in the conditioner is also useful for locking hair nutrients and creating shiny waves that indicate the hair is in a healthy state.

However, the thing to note is to avoid using conditioner on the hair shaft, yes, Moms. Just apply conditioner in the middle to the ends of the hair.

4. Wearing a Hair Mask

One of the problems that is often felt by owners of curly hair, namely the texture of the hair is rough and dry.

For that, always schedule to wear a hair mask on a weekly basis, yes, Moms.

This hair treatment is mandatory, especially if you have colored hair or are frequently exposed to hair styling tools , such as straighteners and hair dryers .

Moms don’t need to do hair mask treatments at the salon, because now there are many hair mask products sold on the market.

Alternatively, you can use natural ingredients that are easily found around to make a hair mask.

Among them, such as aloe vera, avocado, olive oil, or hair masks from coconut oil.

5. Consider Using Hair Oil

Have you ever tried using hair oil ? Well, how to treat curls to make it easier to manage can be by using hair oil .

This treatment is very useful so that the curls are not easily dry and fluffy.

“Just like skin, we need oil to style our hair to make it healthier and stronger. Hair oil will lubricate the outer cuticle and strengthen the inner core of the hair by providing extra nourishing moisture,” says Jasmine Merinsky, a hairstylist from Toronto.

Try using hair oil regularly , about 30 minutes before shampooing. Besides being able to make hair smoother, hair oil is also able to support hair growth.

When you massage your hair, it will indirectly increase blood circulation to the scalp which can increase hair growth.

That’s an explanation of the types of curls, as well as how to care for them to be healthier and easier to manage. So, no need to be confused anymore, okay? Good luck, Moms!


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