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5 tips to straighten curly hair

Smooth and straight hair is the dream of almost every curly girl. It’s very good that today there are so many different ways to straighten hair. The simplest and most effective of them is the use of a hair dryer or ironing. But hot stylers can damage your hair, so it is important to follow some rules before and during styling.

Hair Tips tells you how to straighten curls with a curling iron without harming them, and about other tools that will help smooth out naughty strands.

How to straighten your hair with an iron

Unlike them, ceramic coatings can attract dust and cosmetic residues, so they quickly lose their properties and attractive appearance.

Also, pay attention to the ionization function when selecting iron. It is responsible for maintaining water balance and prevents hair breakage (read about what mistakes you can’t avoid in hair care, readhere).

Irons with a choice of individual temperature conditions are suitable even for thin hair. A low degree of heat will straighten thin and weak curls, and a high degree is suitable for thick and thick hair.

Before you start straightening the strands with an iron, wash your hair – it is better to do this before going to bed so that the hair dries naturally. Then apply a special heat-protective spray to the curls and divide them into equal parts. Having chosen the desired temperature, start smoothing them with a styler from the lowest strands. But, if suddenly you notice that steam is coming from your hair, stop immediately.

How to straighten hair with a blow dryer

Always try to use the hair dryer on a gentle setting, and fix the styling result with cold air. To straighten your hair, you will need: a large round comb and special products that will help achieve the desired result – they must have thermal protection properties.

Apply styling product to wet strands and divide them into parts – fix each with a clip. Then release one curl at a time and pull it out with a hair dryer and a round comb. Keep In Mind, The longer your hair, the larger the diameter of the brush.

To fix the result, use fixatives (what styling products are chosen by Hair Tips editors, we wrote in this material).

Products with a smoothing effect


Choose a shampoo and conditioner with a smoothing effect to soften frizzy hair as you wash your hair – this treatment will also make it easier to straighten curls with devices.

Before styling, use modeling sprays and smoothing lotions – they will help make the strands even in just 10-15 minutes (what products will replace the iron, you will find out here).

Hair straightening oil

How to straighten hair without ironing and hair dryer and keratin cream? At home, try smoothing your curls with coconut, castor, or olive oil. Of course, very curly strands will not become perfectly obedient, but wavy ones can be pacified a little.

Apply the oil along the entire length of the hair – it will make them heavier, due to which the smoothing effect will appear. You can even make a straightening cream from almonds – before washing your hair, warm up a little oil, apply it on the scalp and rub it gently, then put on a shower cap or wrap your head in a towel – soak for 10 minutes.

Salon procedures

If you want to get rid of curls for a long time, you can go to the salon and do a keratin straightening or hair Botox. But such procedure has their drawbacks, for example, contraindications. Trichologist Vita Lasota spoke in detail about the Botox procedure for hair in thismaterial.

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