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7 Beautiful and Elegant Bridal Hijab Style Inspirations for Special Days!

From the simplest to the most festive

Getting married and being a bride can be a special experience that only happens once in a lifetime. For hijabers, what kind of bridal hijab model can you choose?

Yes, in addition to choosing a wedding dress , women who wear hijab also need to choose the right hijab model.

Fortunately, now there are many variations and models of hijab that can complete the appearance on a special day. For those who need inspiration for bridal hijab models, let’s see!

Bridal Hijab Model Inspiration

Bridal hijab models are now increasingly varied. Some are given additional accessories such as crowns, flowers, and others.

For those who prefer a simple model, of course there are also some recommendations. Here are some bridal hijab models that might inspire:

1. Simple and Elegant Bridal Hijab Model

Looking beautiful and charming doesn’t have to be festive from head to toe. If the wedding dress is already prominent, or the makeup is quite bold , choosing a simple hijab can be a smart idea.

Choose a hijab color that matches the wedding dress, with a ciput that is the same color as the hijab. Guaranteed to be elegant!

2. Bridal Hijab Model with Simple Lace Veil

Veil or headgear is often used as a bride’s accessory. For hijabers, adding a veil on top of the hijab that is used can make the appearance more beautiful, you know.

For example, this bridal hijab model. With a simple hijab model and a lace veil that is also not too festive, it still looks elegant, right?

3. Bridal Hijab Model with a Crown

The crown is a headdress commonly used by the queen in fairy tales . Not just any decoration, the crown symbolizes the beauty, elegance, and authority of a woman.

On special days such as weddings, the use of crowns as hair ornaments is quite popular. Not only perfecting the appearance, the crown can also make the bride feel like a queen.

For hijabers, a bridal hijab model with a crown can be a good choice, you know.

Pair it with a veil of the same color as the hijab, then pin the crown on top of your head. Guaranteed the bride will look more elegant!

4. Bridal Hijab Model with Pearl Headpiece

If you don’t like crowns, another headdress option that can complement the bridal hijab is a pearl headpiece .

Like this bridal hijab model. Simple white hijab, with a white veil.

The more beautiful with a pearl headpiece that covers a little part of the forehead. This hijab model is suitable for those who have a wide forehead.

5. Bridal Hijab Model with Chiffon Material and Feather Headpiece

Chiffon material for hijab is not only light and comfortable on the head, but also beautiful. Like this bridal hijab model, the layering technique makes the hijab look elegant and full.

Adorned with a pearl headpiece and feathers on the back of the head. Perfected with a strand of veil with the same material and color as the hijab.

6. Bridal Hijab Model with Niqab

For Muslim brides who wear the niqab , it is still possible to look charming at the wedding.

Like this bridal hijab model. A combination of white hijab and white niqab with sequin accents. It is even more beautiful when combined with a lace headpiece and a thin veil that covers the back.

7. Turban Bridal Hijab Model with Sequin Accents

Do you prefer to wear a hijab turban ? This hijab model can be an option to wear at a wedding.

A white turban-style hijab is lined with a veil with sequin accents that hang down to the back.

Combined with a turtle neck dress, with sequin accents filling the neck. Beautiful!

Tips for Choosing Hijab according to Face Shape

After knowing the inspiration for the bridal hijab model, it is also important to know tips for choosing a hijab according to the shape of the face.

Here are the tips:

1. Round Face

If you have a round face shape, avoid tight hijab models on all sides of the face. This can make the face look rounder and bigger.

Try hijab models that are not too tight, especially on the cheeks and make the forehead look more than usual.

By accentuating the forehead, the face will look longer and not look too wide.

2. Oval Face

Owners of an oval face actually don’t need to worry too much about any hijab models.

This face shape is most suitable for wearing a simple bridal hijab model. Let the hijab fall naturally around the face.

There’s no need to pin it tighter, or make it looser on the face.

3. Square Face

A square face has a sharp, pointed jawline. To avoid looking too boxy, keep the hijab tight at the sides, but loose at the bottom to soften the jawline.

Show off the forehead as you would with a round face . Place the hijab by rounding the forehead not following the square line.

4. Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a small chin and a broad forehead. The bridal hijab model for the owner of a face like this must highlight the chin area.

Wear the hijab right along the jawline to keep it nice and tight. This will make it stand out more and appear bigger.

Avoid trying to do too many folds and layering on the top of the head. This will only make the forehead and head look bigger.

Well, that’s the discussion about the inspiration for the bridal hijab model and tips on choosing the right hijab according to the shape of the face.

Try to find a professional and experienced make-up and hijab stylist. They can usually help choose the most suitable hijab model.

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