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7+ Ways to Remove Permanent Tattoos, Can be with Salt Scrub

It takes a long process

Tattoos have become one of the trends favored by young people since ancient times. Over time, boredom for some reason makes many people want to remove tattoos from their bodies. How to get rid of permanent tattoos is certainly not easy, but there are various ways, either naturally or through medical procedures.

For that, let’s find out how to remove permanent tattoos without damaging our beautiful skin!

How to get rid of a permanent tattoo

For some people, tattoos are an extension of the meaning of a human being.

Tattoo designs that look faded often make someone want to get rid of them.

The tattoo removal process is not as easy as one might think. It takes someone who is an expert to prevent damage to the skin.

Here are some tips on how to remove a permanent tattoo without damaging the skin. Come on, find out together!

1. Dermabrasion

One way that can be done to remove tattoos is dermabrasion.

This is a medical procedure performed by doctors in the way of removing permanent tattoos.

According to the Mayo Clinic, during dermabrasion, the tattooed area is usually cooled to numb.

Then the tattooed skin is ‘sanded’ with a high-speed rotary tool that has an abrasive wheel or brush. This allows the tattoo ink to escape from the skin.

There will be pain in the area you want to get rid of for a few days. Recovery can take 2 to 3 weeks.

This is usually one of the options that can be considered in using medical procedures.

2. Laser Technique

It seems that how to remove permanent tattoos is no stranger, namely the laser technique. Laser technique is one of the most commonly used tattoo removal procedures.

It can’t go away right away, it takes several actions.

Before starting the laser technique, the skin will be numbed with a local anesthetic injection . So, it is less likely to feel pain from the laser.

Later the laser will be heated to destroy the tattoo ink. Colorful tattoos may require procedures with different lasers and different wavelengths.

The side effect of this procedure is that the skin will slightly blister and bleed afterwards. Take it easy, Moms! Antibacterial ointment will speed up the healing process.

3. Tattoo Removal Cream

This permanent tattoo removal method is a great option to avoid the pain of laser techniques. If you have small or old tattoos that have faded, you can opt for this option.

There are several types of tattoo removal creams available in the market today.

Of course, the way this cream works is by using chemicals to remove every layer of ink-stained skin slowly and safely.

Citing Laser All Clinic, a cream made from hydroquinone is one that is quite helpful in removing tattoos. This ingredient includes a tattoo removal ointment that is gentle without damaging the skin.

4. Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub

It turns out that there is a way to get rid of permanent tattoos naturally, Moms. This technique has been used in a study in the Western Journal of Medicine .

Doing a salt scrub can help remove permanent tattoos quickly. With the exfoliating process, the salt will help remove the ink pigmentation on the tattoo.

The way is quite easy, namely rub salt on the tattooed skin and do it every day. Make sure this technique is done carefully so as not to irritate the skin.

However, this is a very slow process where the results can only be seen after 1 year or so.

5. Plastic Surgery Procedure

How to remove permanent tattoos without damaging other skin is by plastic surgery procedures.

Want quick and painless results? Plastic surgery can be your choice!

During the procedure, the surgeon will inject the skin with a local anesthetic so you don’t feel pain.

The surgeon will use a scalpel to cut the tattooed skin. Then, the skin will be sewn together for the ‘closure’ process.

Surgery to remove the tattoo may take 1 to several hours, depending on the size of the tattoo and the technique chosen.

The recovery process usually takes several weeks.

6. Cooling Therapy

Cooling therapy, otherwise known as cryotherapy , is most commonly used to remove warts and treat skin cancer .

However, this can be an option to remove permanent tattoos naturally, Moms.

Along with the dermabrasion technique, this therapy is done by cooling the tattooed skin area with the help of a freezing spray such as liquid nitrogen.

This method causes a cold ‘inflammation’ in that area of ​​the skin. Then the area is scraped with the dermabrasion method to remove the top layer of skin.

This is one way to get rid of permanent tattoos that are quite painful.

For sensitive skin should not use this method in removing permanent tattoos.

7. Lighting Method

Similar to laser technique, but slightly different, Moms! This lighting method can be used to help remove layers of skin by breaking up the color pigments in the tattoo.

Over time, these areas of skin will ‘give way’ to new layers of skin through skin regeneration.

Interestingly, how to remove permanent tattoos without damaging the skin is not as painful as laser techniques.

This can be a consideration for choosing how to remove tattoos, Moms!

8. Yogurt, Aloe Vera, and Honey

This could be the next natural way to get rid of permanent tattoos. Come on, mix yogurt, aloe vera , and honey to get rid of unwanted tattoos!

Apply these three mixtures simultaneously on the tattoo area that you want to remove.

After that, massage and rub the tattooed skin area for a few minutes. Over time and after a few applications, the tattoo will eventually fade.

Of course, this requires an iterative and not instant process, Moms!

9. Lemon Water

Moms, lemon water is believed to be able to remove permanent tattoos naturally. It acts as a natural bleach due to the natural acids present in it.

Citing a study in Research Gate , lemon contains citrus flavonoids that can lighten the skin while removing tattoo ink gradually.

Of course, this is a safe method to do without damaging the body’s skin, Moms.

Lemon water promotes skin cell regeneration and results in a healthy and smooth skin surface.

Moms can mix lemon water with salt for optimal results, you know!

Of course, for optimal results, this natural way of removing tattoos needs to be accompanied by medical procedures from a doctor.

For satisfactory results, there must be a long process that needs to be passed, Moms!

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