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9+ Beautiful and Charming Outer Hijab Inspirations A la celebrity!

Can be an inspiration in styling hijab!

Moms who wear the hijab may have difficulty mixing and matching clothes when they want to travel. But now there’s no need to worry because Moms can look for OOTD outer hijab inspiration from celebrities.

This style idea with outer hijab can also be an option for Moms everyday clothes. Both for formal and casual events . So, just adjust it to your needs.

By using the outer hijab, Moms appearance will look more elegant and create the impression of legs that are level so that they are higher.

Outer Hijab Recommendations for Moms

Curious about what the outer hijab styles are from Indonesian celebrities? Check this out , Moms!

1. Plain Blazer

The first outer hijab that you can wear as an OOTD is a plain blazer .

Moms can choose monochrome colors , soft pastel colors , or bold colors that are bright and give a cheerful impression.

Even though it gives a formal impression, you can also wear a blazer for casual events , you know.

To get a more relaxed look, you can combine a blazer with denim pants. Stylish and smart at the same time !

2. Knit Cardigan

Another outer choice for hijabi women is the knit cardigan . This type of outerwear made of knitted material is trending so much favored by women.

Moms who want to look simple but still look elegant can wear this knit cardigan as an OOTD inspiration.

Just pair the knit cardigan with a plain dress so that it makes a more feminine appearance.

3. Long Vest

A long vest is a sleeveless outer that you can mix and match with long clothes and hijab.

As one of the celebrities above did, she wore a long vest with earth tone nuances and mixed it with a blouse and plain white pants.

The outer appearance of this hijab can give a sweet soft impression.

4. Stripe Blazer

Moms who like the monochrome style but want to be different, can cheat on the outer hijab style by wearing this stripe blazer !

You can combine this black and white striped blazer with denim pants to create a casual look .

Don’t forget to add sunglasses as accessories and a plain colored tote bag to make your appearance even more beautiful!

5. Coat

When the rainy season arrives, outer hijab with this type of coat can be the right OOTD choice.

Besides being able to warm the body , wearing a coat can also make you look cooler.

Moms just need to mix and match a coat with plain colored inner and bottoms.

This simple style can make Moms look cool, you know. Come on, try it!

6. Crop Cardigan

If a knit cardigan is too plain for you, try choosing a crop cardigan with shorter details .

Moms can still look elegant by pairing a crop cardigan with a pleated skirt as a subordinate.

For a more chic appearance , you can wear a pashmina hijab.

7. Satin Blazer

Blazer is indeed an outer type that looks timeless.

In addition to plain and patterned blazers , you can also choose a satin blazer .

This blazer can create a luxurious and elegant velvet impression.

Another plus point , satin blazers tend to be more comfortable to wear because the fabric feels cool on the skin.

The lightweight material also gives the impression of ‘falling’ when worn.

Moms can mix and match this satin blazer with flares jeans .

8. Denim Vest

Another type of outer that can be worn by hijab-wearing moms is a denim vest .

This denim vest can make Moms look cooler .

If you want a simple look , but still stand out , you can wear a denim vest with plain black inner and bottom .

Then, Moms can add glasses and a tote bag as accessories.

This outer look is suitable for moms who prefer tomboyish style .

9. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets can also be a suitable outer choice to mix and match with hijab.

Moms will be very fitting to wear this leather jacket with denim pants and plain black inner .

To make your appearance even more edgy , try wearing leather boots and add sunglasses.

10. Long Coat

The next type of outer for women with hijab is a long coat .

This style that is very suitable to be worn when the weather is cold, you can match it with inner stripe and denim pants .

Moms will look even cooler with the addition of sunglasses as an accessory.

11. Pattern Cardigan


Moms can present a playful impression by wearing this outer hijab.

fun cardigan pattern can make you look younger, you know!

Try to mix and match with a plain black dress with a collar so that it creates a sweet Korean look .

That’s it Moms, a series of OOTD ideas for wearing outers to be used as inspiration. Moms which style do you like?

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