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9 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin to Last All Day

These are the basic steps that must be followed so that oily skin is shine-free

One of the problems with having oily skin is finding ways to make makeup for oily skin last longer.

Moms who have oily skin types usually tend to find it difficult to use  makeup .

To make makeup last longer and shine-free even if you have oily skin, you need some special steps. 

But don’t think that just by choosing the right type of  makeup  for your skin type, you can be free from the problem of  makeup  fading !

Moms still need makeup tips for oily skin, like the steps below.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin to Last Long

Having an oily face has it’s advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage is that you can always maintain a natural shine.

But the worst part, the makeup fades quickly and can’t last for more than 3-4 hours.

Be it lipstick , mascara or powder, nothing lasts long on oily skin.

To avoid this, consider the following makeup tips for oily skin to last all day.

1. Clean your face before starting makeup

Like the steps for using  regular makeup  , the first thing to do is to clean your face first from dirt or  makeup residue  that is still attached.

Washing your face should be done properly. Here’s the order and how to clean your face properly, Moms.

  1. Clean using a  cleanser .
  2. Gently rub in a circular motion and massage gently for a few moments.
  3. Then, clean with a cotton swab carefully so as not to damage the skin tissue.
  4. After that, clean the face with facial soap so that the skin is clean maximally. 

Don’t forget to gently wipe your clean face with a soft-textured towel.

2. Use Facial Toner

The next makeup tip for oily skin is to use a toner .

This skincare product is usually used first before using other makeup products .

Besides being able to restore the skin’s pH to be more neutral, toner is also able to remove dead skin cells and reduce excess oil.

You can choose a toner that contains salicylic acid or witch hazel for oily skin.

3. Use Essence

The next makeup tip for oily skin is to use essence.

Essence is very beneficial for owners of oily skin because it can prevent facial skin from becoming sticky due to excess oil.

To deal with excess oil, you can choose an essence that can suppress sebum production.

4. Use a Quality Moisturizer

Who says oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer? 

Because oily skin does not mean that it is rich in natural moisturizers which are good for keeping the skin from becoming dull.

After Moms face is clean and ready to make up, use a good quality moisturizer that is suitable for oily skin types. 

This moisturizer  functions to restore skin moisture after cleansing with  facial wash  and  toner .

Apply moisturizer thinly but evenly to the bottom of the chin and the top of the neck.

5. Use Primer

Primer is one of the skincare that must be used as part of the makeup sequence for oily skin.

Primer is used to make makeup last longer.

Choose a primer that is labeled oil-free and does not make the face shiny.

Before covering your face with other makeup products , apply the primer first to your hands.

Moms can focus on the T-zone area which usually produces more oil than other parts.

6. Use an Oil-Free Foundation

After applying moisturizer evenly to the entire surface of the skin, makeup tips for oily skin is to use an oil-free foundation.

Use  foundation to reveal skin texture that looks softer and brighter.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to wear  a foundation  that’s very light in color, right!

Instead of making your face look radiant, it makes your face look like you are wearing a mask.

So, choose a foundation  according   to your skin  tone and for the type, keep looking for a water-based one  so it doesn’t trigger excess oil on the face.

Oily skin types usually use matte foundations and other matte makeup products .

Generally, makeup products with a matte finish contain ingredients that absorb oil and have low light reflection.

Both can help owners of oily skin look flawless without the distraction of gloss and excess oil.

7. Apply Powder

The next makeup tip for oily skin is to use loose powder .

After applying  foundation , wait for 5-10 minutes until the foundation absorbs perfectly on the skin’s surface.

Then apply the powder on the face, especially in  the T-zone  (forehead and nose).

Don’t use too much powder, because it’s prone to making the pores produce more oil

Moms who have  oily skin  should use loose powder because the granules can stick well and absorb excess oil.

Apply a thicker powder on the oily areas of the face.

For a more even result, you can use a special large powder brush.

8. Finish with Setting Spray

Setting spray is one of the next makeup sequences for oily skin.

Setting spray functions to lock makeup so it doesn’t fade or change the makeup .

Before using a setting spray , make sure the makeup is completely finished. Then spray setting spray for about 3-5 pressures.

Don’t spray too close if you don’t want your makeup to fall apart.

9. Always Have Face Paper

When the face feels oily, take a  face paper  and paste it on the desired area.

Remember, don’t rub  the face paper  on your skin, because it will make your makeup fade.

Just stick it then press it for a few moments, then immediately lift it.

If necessary, do this step 2 times so that excess oil can be removed optimally.

In addition to practicing the makeup tips   for oily skin above, you also need to do some  special treatments  as a daily treatment.

Wearing a mask or  scrub  is one way that can be done to control excess oil production on the face. Good luck!

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