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9+ Men’s Face Care Tips to Look Fresh and Not Dull

Men’s facial care does not only focus on chemical products, but can also be done naturally

When it comes to skin care , men traditionally prefer to keep it simple. However, now men’s facial treatments have become something that is usually done.

Because, many men want healthier and younger looking skin.

Facial care is also a process by which men evaluate their skin care routine.

There are major differences between men’s and women’s skin, for example, men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin.

However, the basic elements of an effective male and female facial treatment will still look the same.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) revealed that the main thing for everyone including men is to identify and understand their facial skin type.

For example, sensitive skin can sting or burn after using certain or unsuitable men’s skincare products.

Likewise with other types of facial skin such as normal skin, clear and not sensitive, dry scaly skin, rough skin, oily skin , and combination skin.

Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others.

Understanding facial skin types will help you learn how to treat men’s facials specifically and also choose the right men’s facial care products.

Men’s Face Care Tips to Look Glowing

To be honest, many men don’t excel when it comes to facials.

Most men don’t have a good skin care routine and as a result, they are more prone to breakouts, clogged pores, and other skin problems.

The following are some men’s facial care tips to get skin that looks better and glows or glows.

1. Wash Your Face Before Starting The Day

Men have more active sebaceous glands than women. Most men have up to 4x more sebum than women.

This sebum is made by the body 24/7, even when a person is sleeping.

Although the average amount of sebum is healthy, excessive sebum can cause dirt to stick to the face.

Therefore, the second men’s facial treatment for a glowing face is washing your face in the morning. This is as important as washing your face at night.

Never use bar soap or any harsh soap on the skin.

Choose a gentle face wash and facial cleanser that maintains the skin’s pH level or a face wash product specifically for men’s facial care.

2. Clean your face before going to bed

Fatigue from working hard all day often makes a person skip his skin care routine at night, including washing his face .

Unfortunately, not washing your face at night is one of the main causes of acne.

Pollution can settle on the face and when it does, bacteria clog the pores. Finally, do not be surprised if a man’s face becomes acne.

That’s why basic men’s facial care, such as washing your face, is important because it can clean the face of dirt and make it glow.

Because men have different skin textures than women. Use men’s facial care products specifically made for men.

This men’s facial care product is explicitly made to meet the needs of men’s skin care.

3. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

Exfoliating the skin regularly helps remove dirt and bacteria that clings to the pores on the faces of women as well as men.

For those who have scaly skin, exfoliation is the best option to get better skin.

With the help of a facial scrub, a soft cloth, gently scrub the dirt from the skin. Do it in circular motions to increase blood circulation in the face.

With proper and regular exfoliation, men will get smoother, softer and brighter skin. However, remember not to overdo it.

Don’t get too excited or do it more than three times a week. Otherwise, the skin will be bruised and irritated.

Excessive exfoliation will cause skin problems that are more severe in the future and require other male facial treatments.

4. Moisturizing Skin

Most men avoid moisturizers because they think these facial products will make their skin oilier.

This claim may seem reasonable, but it is not entirely true. A person’s skin needs proper moisture and hydration.

Therefore, the right amount of moisturizer during the day and night should be appropriate.

Choose a light moisturizer or men’s facial care product that is oil-free and absorbs quickly.

At night, apply a night moisturizer, which will help replenish and repair the skin to help achieve clearer and brighter skin.

5. Wear Sunscreen

The right amount of sunlight will make a person’s skin healthy. Though, too much sun can be harmful to the skin.

Men still have to always protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. To do this, coat the skin with a sunscreen that has the right amount of SPF.

A good men’s facial care product or sunscreen has at least SPF 30, which will help block 97% of the sun’s UVB rays.

Using sunscreen also helps prevent diseases such as eczema and melanoma.

Tips for Men’s Face Care Naturally

In addition to routine care using skincare , there are also natural ways to treat men’s faces. Let’s see below!

6. Hydration

Men’s facial treatments to make them more radiant can also be done naturally.

Drinking lots of water is probably the easiest male facial care activity to do.

Not only for the face, drinking water also helps the body to be healthy overall. However, this move is not rocket science so it has an immediate effect.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. When a person has enough water, then he helps remove toxins from the body, including those that live on the skin. 

That is why one should hydrate the body to help achieve that radiance.

7. Sleep well

Beautiful sleep is not only a concept that can be applied to women. This also applies to men as a form of natural male facial care.

Note that the skin goes into repair mode every time a person sleeps. With sleep, the body will produce new skin cells and increase blood flow.

A good night ‘s sleep will help a person wake up with glowing skin.

Make it a habit to sleep well or ideally sleep for eight full hours without interruption so that facial and body skin can recover.

Otherwise, lack of sleep can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. 

Worse, sleeplessness can increase the production of oil in the skin and thus lead to acne that is difficult to treat.

8. Take advantage of Lemon and Honey

Use lemon juice for men’s facial treatments as a natural cleanser. 

Apart from being a substitute for men’s facial care products, lemon and honey will also make the skin fresh and look brighter because they contain bleach.

Mix lemon juice and honey in equal proportions.

Honey will moisturize the skin and remove dust and dirt from the face. Also, use pineapple slices to clean your face.

Rub the pineapple slices on your face and then wash your face with cold water. Follow this method regularly to get brighter skin.

9. Take advantage of honey and coffee

Take 1 spoon of honey, 1 tspoon of coffee and a few drops of olive oil.

Mix these ingredients well and apply to the face as part of a men’s facial routine or treatment.

Scrub your face with this mixture for a few minutes, then wash it off with water. The mixture will remove all the dead skin and make the skin smoother and fresher.

10. Take care of your diet

If you want healthy skin, you should start with a healthy diet.

Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-3 will provide healthy and clean skin.

Vitamin E in particular, makes the skin more youthful and healthy.

Remember, healthy skin is skin that is more awake, but still offers better overall health.

So, instead of focusing on using men’s facial care products, put down the fries and reach for these foods and supplements instead, namely:

  • Wheat Seed
  • Vegetable oil
  • Fish oil
  • Sunflower seed
  • Linseed
  • Carrot
  • Peanut
  • Salmon

Those are 10 ways or tips for men’s facial care that can be done early because the process is very easy.

Men’s facial care products must still be used and balanced with changes to a healthier lifestyle.


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