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9 Simple But Stylish Pashmina Tutorials, Perfect for Moms Who Like Stylish!

How to wear a pashmina hijab doesn’t always have to be complicated, really?

Hijab fashion is still a trend, especially before Ramadan and Eid like this. The pashmina tutorial trend is one that many people are currently following.

If in the past the head covering was only a rectangular hijab that was worn simply with a pin or a pin under the chin, now there are various types of hijab.

Likewise with pashmina , a long cloth like a scarf that can be styled in various styles.

Moms who just want to wear the hijab may be confused about how to wear a pashmina hijab practically but still look beautiful.

Well, this simple and modern pashmina hijab tutorial can help Moms. Don’t forget to wear the hood first, okay? Practice, come on!

Simple and Stylish Pashmina Tutorials

Moms are looking for ideas for outfits with pashmina ? Let’s look at some of the pashmina tutorials below.

Besides being easy to shape, this pashmina is also suitable to be matched with various types of clothes.

Try the pashmina tutorial below, Moms!

1. Tucked on Hijab

This pashmina tutorial model is the most trending among women. Because, how to use and the results it looks are not complicated and very easy, you know!

It’s enough to wear a hijab and then tie the pashmina strap back in a neat and orderly manner.

Suitable combined with a loose top for everyday use, for example to campus or to the office.

Add access to necklaces or outerwear for a more stylish look .

Moms should not wear tight clothes, yes, because this hijab model does not cover the chest.

2. Modest Hijab

For moms who want to look more closed before this Ramadan, moms can try this pashmina hijab tutorial.

Still in a simple way, which is to adjust one side of the hijab rope to make it longer, then wrap it around the head.

This syar’i hijab model that covers the chest is suitable for use when it comes to religious activities later.

This is also one of the pashmina tutorials that are timeless, you know!

3. Half Tail

We can find this simple pashmina tutorial everywhere.

Even though it looks complicated and time-consuming for styling , the steps for wearing a pashmina hijab are actually quite easy, you know.

The only way is to wrap the longer part of the hijab to the back of the head, then let the rest of the hijab hang down on one side.

The result is a feminine yet stylish look .

This is suitable for Moms who want a more syar’i look . And the long side of the hijab will cover the chest perfectly.

4. Warm Hijab Style

In addition to covering the genitals, the pashmina hijab can also be used to warm yourself in the rainy season, you know.

For example, this pashmina tutorial is often used by hijabers who become influencers .

In addition to making Moms look stylish and simple , the accent wrapped around the neck can also help warm the body.

Easy and looks very interesting right, Moms?

5. Minimalist

Want to try a simpler pashmina tutorial with a tie ? Let’s try this minimalist style .

For everyday casual activities, this minimalist pashmina hijab model can also be a mainstay.

Match it with trendy patterned tops such as polka dots, stripes , or gingham .

Moms want to go to the party after? Just add long earrings or other accessories.

6. X Line Style

This X Line pashmina tutorial model can also be a mainstay for moms who want to appear more closed but dare to be different.

It’s easy, just cross and tie both ends of the pashmina to the front of the neck.

This hijab model is perfect for moms who want to show their cheekbones.

It’s better to wear plain clothes so you don’t ‘hit’ the hood that already looks crowded.

7. Crinkle Pashmina

It looks like a tattered or untidy cloth, but this is one of the most popular hijab trends.

This pashmina tutorial called crinkle is quite easy and simple to try.

The texture of the fabric that looks ‘untidy’ is suitable for use as a daily outfit for the office or hangout.

Just tie one of the pashmina straps back and let the other dangle in the front.

8. Sporty Hijab

Are you exercising but want to look cool and stylish ? Let’s try a pashmina tutorial from one of these influencers .

Sivia Azizah is one of the trendsetters of the hijab model with a sporty style that is madly liked.

Her favorite black color makes her daily outfit look classy.

The way to wear it is to fold the pashmina strap back and neatly tuck it into the clothes. Make sure your neck is tightly closed, okay?

This pashmina tutorial also gives the impression of a thinner face, you know!

9. Pashmina Turban

Moms, one idea to wear another hijab is with a turban model.

At first glance this hijab model is like a pashmina turban tutorial , yes. But this one gives a little ‘formal’ accent, you know!

This pashmina tutorial is suitable to be worn during formal events such as weddings or attending parties.

This is suitable for Moms who have an oval-shaped face. The face will appear longer and also make the appearance look fresher .

Let’s try to use this hijab turban tutorial for party events.

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