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Benefits and Easy Ways of Toning Hair at Home

Want to know what are the benefits of doing hair toning? Here’s the review, Moms!

For moms who often change hair color, you must be familiar with hair toning or hair toning . Hair toning is usually done for moms who want to restore hair color after frequent hair coloring.

In simple terms, toning is the process of coloring hair back to its natural color by using toner or dye that does not contain ammonia ( ammonia free ).

Reporting from the International Journal of Trichology , hair dyes that do not contain ammonia or ethanolamine will indeed be gentler on hair, compared to permanent hair dyes .

However, usually the color will not last long. For this reason, hair toning usually only lasts between 2-6 weeks.

If your hair has been colored often, it will usually make the toning color last longer, compared to hair that has never been dyed at all. This hair toning can be done at the salon or even more practically at home.

So, what are the benefits of hair toning that you can feel? Besides, how to do hair toning at home? Here’s a full review, yes!

Benefits of Hair Toning for Beauty

That said, hair toning is a semi-permanent dye that will return your hair to the color you desire.

Moms will get healthy and natural hair color as desired.

However, it should be understood that the hair toning color will not be able to be brighter than real hair, Moms.

If you want a lighter hair color, it is mandatory to do a hair bleaching process .

When viewed from the benefits, of course Moms will get a natural healthy hair color by doing hair toning .

In addition, hair toning will refresh the hair, add dimension to the hair color, and eliminate discoloration.

” Hair toning is usually done to refresh the hair color . Toning your hair will restore your hair’s natural color and improve uneven hair color. Hair color will also look more shiny, “said Tracey Cunningham, world celebrity hair dye.

Hair toning also strengthens the hair by creating a protective barrier around the strands and balancing the porosity of the hair by filling the shaft.

In addition, hair toning will also add volume and shine to the hair by making the hair cuticles fuller, while closing the cuticles to create bounce and shine.

Ideally, hair toning is done in a beauty salon. However, several reasons can make you unable to go to the salon.

No need to worry, okay? The following will explain some ways to do hair toning at home.

Before Hair Toning, Do This

Before doing hair toning , it’s a good idea to do a double shampoo or double shampooing.

The goal is that the hair is cleaner so that the color pigment will be more attached later. So, how do you do this double shampoo o?

First, starting with shampooing using a useful shampoo to clean the scalp evenly.

Use a shampoo that can remove various types of residual oil, buildup of dead skin cells, used hair care products , and free radicals in the hair. Then, rinse until the hair is completely clean.

Next, wash your hair using a softer shampoo specifically for color-treated hair.

The goal is to balance the pH level and re-nourish each strand of hair.

This shampoo will also make the toning pigments of the hair more adherent and hydrate each strand well.

Then, rinse thoroughly and dry. Well, now your hair is ready to be colored with the selected hair toning .

How to do hair toning at home

All you have to do is choose the type and color of hair toner you want to use. Next, consider some ways to do hair toning at home.

  1. Prepare some necessary equipment, such as an applicator brush, plastic gloves, and a hair toner protector.
  2. Read the instructions on the hair toner package carefully.
  3. Mix the hair toner with the developer in a 1:2 ratio.
  4. Then, use the applicator brush to apply the toner to your hair. Moms can focus on the area you want to even out the color. Apply evenly.
  5. Leave it for about 45 minutes
  6. Next, rinse and shampoo with a damp shampoo and conditioner.

Well, that’s how to do hair toning at home. Very easy, right?

You can refresh your hair color again every 6-8 weeks, depending on how long the toning color lasts.

It is true that changing hair color will be an attraction in itself. However, you need to understand the side effects that may occur if you dye your hair often.

Well, the next will be explained about how to care for hair that is often colored.

Tips for Caring for Colored Hair

After knowing the benefits and how to do hair toning , how to treat hair that is often colored?

Of course, this is a challenge in itself, especially for moms who have done hair bleaching .

However, don’t worry, okay! Here are some tips for caring for hair that is often colored, including:

1. Choosing the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

This tip is very important, but is often overlooked. If you often change hair color, you shouldn’t just use shampoo and conditioner products .

For colored hair, choose a product that is specifically designed to treat colored hair.

The goal is to keep the hair color as desired. Avoid using mousse or hair gel products that contain alcohol, as they can dry out your hair.

Also avoid using anti-dandruff shampoo which usually contains substances that make hair color fade quickly.

2. Use a Hair Mask

Usually, the problem with colored hair is that it quickly becomes dry, brittle, and damaged. For that, you must keep your hair moisturized properly.

The trick can be to always use conditioner after shampooing and use shampooing mask treatments regularly.

Use a mask from root to tip for thick hair. You can also apply the mask from the middle of your hair to the ends for medium and thin hair, let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

Use a shower cap when wearing a hair mask to make it more fully absorbed.

3. Trimming Hair

Do you know how important it is to trim the ends of hair that are damaged and can no longer bring out the color? This process is also known as trimming . Well, do hair trimming every 6-8 weeks.

The goal is that your colored hair will look more perfect from the base to the tips of the hair.

In addition, if you do a lot of outdoor activities, it never hurts to apply a special sunscreen spray for your hair.

This is because ultraviolet light can penetrate the hair cuticle and erode hair color.

That’s an explanation of hair toning and how to treat hair that is often colored. So, don’t hesitate to look charming with a shiny hair color, OK!

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