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Benefits of Cashew Nuts for Beauty, Makes Your Face Glowing & Bright

Skin becomes more supple and bright!

The benefits of cashew nuts for beauty can actually make women want to continue to eat them.

Cashew nuts are a type of nuts produced from the fruit, namely the guava fruit.

These cashews have to go through a very long process before they can finally be consumed.

At the time of harvest, these nuts have a skin that is quite hard so it must be peeled first.

Then, then washed and dried in the sun to dry.

So, don’t be surprised if the price of cashew nuts is quite expensive when compared to other types of nuts.

But the price is quite expensive, commensurate with the nutritional content of cashew nuts.

Ingredients in Cashew Nuts

It was explained that in cashews there are many nutritional content so that it can bring many benefits for skin health and beauty.

Some of the nutrients in cashew nuts are protein, fat, carbohydrates , fiber, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, beta carotene , to vitamin B complex.

In addition to the nutritional content that is beneficial for the health of the body, there are other nutrients that are beneficial for skin beauty , namely magnesium, selenium, iron, and vitamin C.

These three have the ability to help maintain better skin health .

Benefits of Cashew Nuts for Beauty

So what are the benefits of cashew nuts for skin and facial beauty?

To find out the answer, Moms can directly check the benefits below!

1. Make Skin More Glowing

The first benefits of cashew nuts for beauty can make the skin more radiant.

One of the skin problems that often occurs in women is skin that looks dull.

This can be due to many factors.

Starting from frequent exposure to sunlight , dust or dirt on the streets, lack of rest, fatigue, to stress.

By consuming cashews, the facial skin will become more radiant.

Cashew nuts contain magnesium which is able to make the epidermis of the skin better.

Plus, magnesium can also cleanse and detoxify skin that looks dull due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, dirt, and other harmful substances.

2. Skin becomes more supple and firm

The benefits of cashew nuts for beauty is that it can make the skin firmer and more supple.

Cashew nuts contain very high levels of antioxidants and vitamins so they can hydrate the skin so that the skin can be firmer.

In addition, by consuming cashews, you can also minimize the effects of inflammation on the skin.

3. Prevents Premature Aging

One of the benefits of cashew nuts for beauty is to help prevent premature aging that occurs in the skin.

Cashew nuts contain high levels of copper and antioxidants that can help prevent premature aging of the facial skin.

In addition, the content of vitamin C in cashew nuts is able to nourish the skin properly so that the skin regeneration process can be better.

4. Makes Skin Fresher

The benefits of cashew nuts for other beauty, which is able to make the skin becomes fresher .

This is because cashews contain iron , which can stabilize the levels of red blood cells in the body.

Lack of iron can make the face look pale.

Therefore, the formation of red blood cells is very important to make the face look fresher.

5. Hair will look shinier

The benefits of cashew nuts for the next beauty is to make hair shinier .

Cashews help improve hair color naturally .

Because, this type of bean can stimulate the production of a pigment called melamine through its copper substance.

With the higher melamine content, the natural hair color is getting darker and the hair strands are shinier.

Cashews Cause Acne on the Face, Myth or Fact?

Moms certainly know the myth that cashews can cause acne .

Is that true in fact?

Cashews can actually help cure acne.

This is because cashews contain antioxidants , vitamin E, and zinc which function to reduce inflammation caused by acne.

This is also one of the benefits of cashew nuts for beauty.

According to the journal Correlation Between the Severity and Type of Acne Lesions with Serum Zinc Levels in Patients with Acne Vulgaris , cashews contain zinc which is anti-inflammatory so it can help heal acne.

However, these cashews must be consumed in appropriate doses.

If you consume it in excess, it can have a bad impact on health, including skin health .

According to the cashewmaster.com site , normally we can eat 15 cashews or about 30 grams per day.

This amount is the amount that can be tolerated by the body.

The right time to consume cashews is in the morning before breakfast so that the nutrients are better absorbed by the body.

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Actually the main cause of acne is due to the accumulation of fat mixed with dirt on the face.

So, it can be said that cashews are only one of the causes, not the main cause.

For example, often eating fried or junk food , then eating cashews, then it can trigger acne.

Those are some of the benefits of cashew nuts for beauty that you need to know.

From now on, the consumption of cashew nuts is reasonable.

That way, the benefits of cashew nuts for beauty can be felt to the fullest!

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