Cute! These are 8 Korean hairstyles for kids

Tired of the same little hair style, Moms?

Having a daughter can indeed be a joy in itself, right, Moms? Because you can create it with colorful Korean hair tie.

Moreover, if your little one is able to determine for himself the hairstyle he wants.

However, not infrequently the Little One refuses to have his hair arranged, styled, and tied up because of pain.

Well, this can really be a challenge for you! Especially if you don’t have many ideas for creating your favorite girl’s hairstyle .

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Recommended Korean Hair Ties

Moms need to try a simple hairstyle for your little one .

Well, as a reference, here are some recommendations for hairstyles for your little one that are contemporary and without being complicated.

Let’s take a look at some choices!

1. Messy Bun

Moms, the Korean hair tie model that you must try to apply to your little one is the messy bun .

This hairstyle is cool and very easy to do.

Your little one can also get a very nice natural curly style after a certain amount of hair is pulled back.

The messy bun style can be a mainstay when your little one is hot in broad daylight.

The method is also quite easy, Moms, namely tie your hair into a high ponytail or about 5 cm first diagonally above the ear.

Use some Korean hair tie to tie it tighter.

Shape the hair in a circle around the ponytail to form a bun.

So that the bun is neater and doesn’t come off easily, use some bobby pins at the bottom, especially where the bun ends.

The thicker the hair , the more pins you need.

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2. Half Up Bun

The cute and playful half up bun style is synonymous with Korean women .

Moreover, this hairstyle also matches all hair lengths.

Your little one can still look beautiful and feminine when playing with their friends.

Moms can take out the hair at the bottom of the little one and give a little wave accent to make it look more beautiful.

Of course, this soft looking hairstyle can give the impression of the hairstyle so it doesn’t look like that.

The way to tie this style is to lift the hair up, roll it carelessly and use a Korean hair tie.

Does your little one have curly hair ? You can moisten it with a little water to give it a curly texture.

If your hair is curly or straight, you can leave it alone or you can add texture with mousse .

3. Pigtails

Moms, if you want child pigtails in a simpler way, you can use this one style.

This Korean-style pigtail will really make your little one look cuter and cuter.

However, don’t be afraid to style with this hair, because your little one will still be able to look stylish and fashionable .

Pigtails are actually a way of tying hair by dividing the hair into 2 parts. Moms can tie loose or make a braid.

Just provide two Korean hair ties, then your little one’s appearance will be truly stunning.

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4. Side Braid

Next, the Korean hair tie style that can be your recommendation is the side bride , aka side braid.

Your little one can look very feminine and sweet when wearing this hairstyle.

This style is easy for you to try and doesn’t take long to make, even if you’re a beginner.

The trick is to comb and take all the hair to one side, either the right side or the left side.

After that, braid the hair. Keep the braid tight by making a wide, loose braid.

After that, at the end of the braid, use a Korean hair tie.

5. Tie the Mesh

Although it is a bit time consuming, this hairstyle can be a recommendation, Moms.

Although it takes a while to style, this hairstyle looks more concise and is suitable for application if your little one is quite active.

Moms can also apply this style when your little one is having sports lessons.

Well, Moms can do it easily which requires six colorful hair ties.

Then, Moms need to divide your little one’s hair into two sides, namely tie one side first so it doesn’t interfere with the other side to be styled.

After that, Moms divide the first side of your little one’s hair into three parts, namely tie the first part, then tie the second part to the last part.

Unfold the second side of the tie, then divide the second side back into thirds. Repeat as the first side earlier.

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6. Bubble Braid

Not good at braiding your little one’s hair but still want to try a braid hairstyle ? Then Moms can try applying this variation of braids.

As the name implies, this braid is like a bubble.

Moms just need to prepare a lot of Korean hair tie and just tie the hair by giving it a distance.

To give the impression of a bubble effect, gently tug on each part until you see the volume.

Fun again, this hairstyle has a lot of variety.

Moms can create it with a ponytail, pigtail , or half up space bun .

7. Space Bun

Are you looking for a unique hair tie tutorial for your little one, Moms? Try this space buns hairstyle !

In fact, this hairstyle is an old school bun and is back in trend because of its unique shape and easy to make.

Moreover, this style is very suitable for your little one for various situations, it can be for formal or casual events.

Especially if your little one is an active child, this hair tie model is very suitable.

Before styling it, make sure Moms that your little one’s hair is completely dry.

Once dry, comb through the hair so that it is neat. After that, use the tip of a sasak comb to divide the hair into two parts from the middle of the hair.

Then, bun and use a cute Korean hair tie. Done!

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8. Dutch Braid Pigtails

The next Korean hair tie model that you can copy is the dutch braid pigtails .

The style combines a feminine impression but still looks masculine, Moms.

To make it, it’s also not difficult, Moms, by dividing the hair right in the middle into 2 parts, right and left.

Then, first ponytail one section of hair so as not to mix with the one on the other side.

Style the hair on the loose part of the hair by making a braid starting from the exact hairline, continuing down to the bottom of the neck until the back of the neck.

Then, use a Korean hair tie until tight. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the hair. Finished!

How, really interesting Moms some hairstyles earlier?

Hopefully the information was useful and don’t forget to apply it to your little one. Good luck, Moms!

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