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How to Keep Hand Skin Health So It’s Not Too Dry During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Not only using moisturizer, see here how to take care of hand skin so it doesn’t dry out during a pandemic

Washing hands is one way to prevent the spread of the corona virus . However, Moms need to know, too, how to maintain healthy skin, especially the hands so that they don’t dry out because they are washed too often.

Many experts have recommended washing hands with soap under running water for 20 seconds, or by using hand sanitizer if there is no access to use water and soap.

Then, what are the factors that can trigger skin disorders and how to maintain skin health due to the intensity of frequent hand washing? Read further to find out the answer.

How to Maintain Hand Skin Health

To avoid skin problems on the hands, here are some ways to maintain healthy skin that can be done.

1. Use Soap with Moisturizing Content

Hand washing is useful for removing dirt, oil, and other substances. However, keep an eye on the humidity of your hands while washing your hands.

Therefore, choose hand soaps that contain hydrating agents such as glycerin, a humectant, which can retain moisture by drawing water into the skin.

In addition to these ingredients, Moms can also try hand soap products that contain olive oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, which can prevent skin moisture loss, while soothing the skin.

2. Dry Your Hands After Washing Your Hands

Be sure to dry your hands after washing them by gently patting them. Avoid rubbing it vigorously.

This is important to do, because germs can be transferred more easily to wet hands.

Water that is left still on the hands also has the effect of making the skin dry. It can also reduce the skin’s natural oils when the water evaporates. This can damage the skin’s protective layer, or skin barrier.

3. Choose a Hand Sanitizer with Good Content

In addition to using soap, we are also accustomed to using hand sanitizers to clean our hands when there is no place to wash our hands.

However, the use of hand sanitizer can also cause the skin to become very dry.

In choosing a hand sanitizer , it is important that the product has an alcohol or ethanol percentage in the range of 60 to 85 percent.

Ethanol is more effective than isopropyl alcohol in fighting viruses, because it is less toxic, and has a less pungent aroma.

In addition, there are currently a number of hand sanitizer products that contain moisturizing ingredients, such as vitamin E and glycerin.

4. Using a moisturizer after washing your hands

Dry and cracked skin conditions make it easier for bacteria and other germs to enter the body.

Launching from the American Academy of Dermatology , dry and cracked skin makes it easier for bacteria and germs to enter the body. Using a moisturizer after washing your hands can help moisturize dry skin .

For that, don’t forget to apply a special hand cream as soon as possible after washing your hands with soap.

Likewise after using hand sanitizer , Moms! The use of moisturizer is the easiest way to maintain healthy hand skin.

5. Special Treatment for Dermatitis Patients

If you have dermatitis on the skin , then you can use a steroid ointment. With a note must consult a doctor first.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the use of hand soap products, as well as the right hand sanitizer according to the skin condition experienced.

In addition, when washing hands it is also important to use warm water. Dry slowly to avoid a worse condition can occur.

Skin Health Problems and Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being at home for a long time, and the intensity of frequent hand washing, are factors that can cause skin disorders .

This was conveyed by the Dermatologist – Cosmetic Dermatology, dr. Lilik Norawati, Sp.KK, FINSDV, FAADV, in the NOROID Online Discussion “Maintaining Healthy and Moisturized Skin During the Covid-19 Pandemic” on Tuesday (12/5/2020).

“When working from home or at home, the skin is more often exposed to air conditioning, which can cause dry skin. In addition, other factors, such as stress, can trigger acne and dermatitis or eczema,” explained dr. Lilik.

Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer excessively can cause eczema to appear on the skin.

Therefore, after washing your hands, you also need to take care of the skin of your hands.

Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer to Maintain Healthy Skin

In the journal BMC Dermatology , applying a hand cream or moisturizer immediately after every hand wash can reduce dryness and roughness of the skin.

There are many types of moisturizers on the market. Pay attention to the content contained in the product. Make sure the content can help maintain skin health during COVID-19 to be more optimal.

Here are some tips from dr. Lilik on how to choose a recommended moisturizer.

1. Choose a moisturizer with ceramide content

In choosing a moisturizer, try to adjust it to your skin condition. “Moisturizers containing ceramides or pseudo-ceramides, are able to repair the skin or can replace skin surface lipids,” explained dr. Lilik.

Pseudo-ceramides are clinically effective in repairing and preventing dry skin, by increasing skin hydration or moisture. This content can also repair the barrier function or barrier of damaged skin.

Choose a moisturizer with the ingredients above as tips for maintaining healthy skin during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Amount and Intensity of Applying Moisturizer

You don’t need to apply too much moisturizer. Simply apply as much as 1 gram, or the equivalent of 2 knuckles, in one application for the entire skin surface of both hands.

“The frequency of use of the moisturizer can be adjusted as needed. Don’t forget to apply it between your fingers too,” said dr. Lilik.

The use of the right amount and the frequency of applying moisturizer can help maintain healthy skin in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Avoid Moisturizers with Additional Ingredients

According to Harvard Health , choose a moisturizer with beneficial ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, ceramides , and glycerin. Avoid moisturizers with fragrances and other artificial ingredients.

For very dry skin, it is advisable to avoid using lotion in a pump bottle, as these moisturizers are usually thinner and contain more water.

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That’s it Moms, some ways to maintain healthy skin on the hands during COVID-19 and how to choose the right moisturizer. Continue to maintain the health of the skin of the hands so that they do not dry out and cause annoying problems.

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