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How to Make Oval Face, Guaranteed Beautiful as You Want!

Owners of an oval face, it is recommended to try!

How to apply oval face makeup is considered not as difficult as the face shape because it is considered to be symmetrical.

Face shape is one of the most important factors when you want to apply makeup .

If it’s just random, then Moms will find it difficult to find a beautiful facial appearance that suits you.

You could say, the easiest way to apply oval face makeup, because it doesn’t require a lot of contouring techniques .

In general, this face shape is balanced.

It’s just that, it needs to be added a little outward so that the shape looks more assertive.

Guaranteed Beautiful, This Is How To Make Up Oval Face

Oval face considered the most perfect face shape.

So, it’s not difficult to apply make up on this face owner.

The symmetrical shape makes the oval face ideal for creating perfect make-up .

To beautify the appearance of the face, here are tips and how to apply oval makeup:

1. Pay attention to the color of the foundation

Many people think, the shape of the face can be changed from the color of the foundation used.

In fact, it has nothing to do with it at all.

For owners of oval faces, the tips that must be considered in choosing a foundation are to adjust to skin color .

Choose a color that is close to your skin tone.

To find out, Moms can do the following ways:

  • Knowing the basic skin color .
  • Try applying foundation on the neck.
  • Apply foundation on the inside of the arm.
  • Choose a color tone lighter.
  • Choose the type of foundation that suits your skin type.

If you want a rounder face, apply foundation with a darker color along the jawline.

2. Define the Jaw and Cheekbones

How to do the next oval face is to emphasize the jaw line and cheekbones .

This technique is known as contouring.

The goal is to define the features and shape of the face .

Contour is created by creating the illusion of shadows on the skin in several parts, such as the forehead, jaw, nose, and cheekbones.

Actually, the face has formed the illusion of a shadow naturally, but it will be covered when using foundation and powder .

With contour , you can recreate those shadows.

This technique, known as shading , makes facial features smaller.

In addition to making the cheeks look thinner, the nose also looks sharper, the forehead is not as wide as the original, and the chin looks sharper.

If you are confused about the difference between bronzer , bronzer is usually applied to the top layer of make-up .

The goal is to give a natural warm impression on the face.

When exposed to sunlight, the face looks glowing and exotic.

Bronzer also gives the impression of a more lively and healthy face.

Well, back to using contour , you can adjust it to your needs.

If you have chubby cheeks , apply just below your cheekbones to make them look thinner.

If you have a flat or wide forehead, apply it to the top of the left and right sides of your forehead to make it look smaller.

If you have a snub or small nose, you can apply it on a line along the nose on both sides

3. Apply Blush Wisely

How to apply makeup for the next oval is done by applying blush wisely.

For owners of an oval face, it is recommended to add blush to the most prominent part of the cheekbones.

Once applied, then smooth it towards the temples.

This makeup trick will help accentuate existing cheekbones.

If you want a more rounded bottom shape, apply blush horizontally.

The thing that needs to be done is to choose a blush that matches your skin tone.

If you have found it, don’t apply it too much.

Because, it could be the cheeks take over the overall appearance.

So, make sure to use blush on warm colors and not too thick, yes!

4. Add Highlighter

As previously explained, the oval face is very perfect from its shape.

Moms only need to add a little make-up to beautify and emphasize the shape of the face.

One way is to use a highlighter .

Try dabbing highlighter in the center of your forehead, center of your nose, chin, above your cheeks, and under your browbones.

After application, blend until evenly distributed.

The use of highlighter aims to make the face look bright and glowing naturally.

5. Apply Lipstick as You Want

How to make up for the next oval face is done by applying lipstick .

It’s not difficult to choose, Moms can adjust to what you want.

If you want to give the impression of thick and wide lips, you can apply a dark color to your lips .

Conversely, if you want to give the impression of thin lips, apply a light color to the lips.

In addition, Moms can also apply the ombre lips technique .

To make your lips look full and plumpy , try applying a clear lip gloss in the center of your lower lip.

6. Pay Attention to Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the mandatory make-up to emphasize the eyes and face shape.

For owners of an oval face, it is recommended to make a natural eyebrow line to balance the shape of the face to make it look more ideal.

The trick is to draw the eyebrow line starting from the edge of the nose bone.

Then, form the highest angle in the section 2/3 before the tip of the eyebrow.

Then, form the tip of the tail of the eyebrow in line with the outer corner of the eye.

7. Pay Attention to Eye Makeup

When it comes to the right eyeshadow color , almost all colors look suitable for those with oval faces.

For owners of an oval face, it is suitable when coupled with the use of eyeliner such as the shape of a cat’s eye.

If you like bold eye makeup with thick eyelashes, you should use lipstick with natural colors.

Conversely, if you decide to wear a lipstick with a striking color, use eye makeup with natural colors.

8. Apply False Eyelashes

The next way to make up for an oval face is to put on false eyelashes.

Long and thick eyelashes will complete the overall make-up on the owner of an oval face.

If you don’t like using lashes too much, use voluminous mascara to give it an extra look.

In some people, they tend to like false eyelashes because they are adjusted to the style and shape of the eye .

Moms can also choose eyelashes according to their wishes and the makeup used on that day.

For owners of an oval face with round eyes, choose eyelashes that are light and curled.

While the owner of an oval face with small eyes and single eyelids, choose thick false eyelashes .

That’s how to apply oval makeup that can be followed at home.

At this point, do you want to apply it?

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