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How to straighten curly hair, guaranteed to last up to 3 days!

Do it regularly for maximum results!

How to straighten curly hair with the right technique can make wavy hair beautiful and durable.

Making curly or wavy hair is not only done with a hair curler , but also with a straightener .

A straightener is a special tool for straightening hair.

However, with the right technique, a straightener can be a tool to make curly hair .

So, how do you straighten curly hair ?

Come on, see the steps below!

How to Straighten Curly Hair with a Straightener

Maybe there are some people who are still confused about how to make curly hair with a hair straightener or straightener.

Lately, the trend of curly using a straightener tends to be more in demand, because it can make hair look natural and neat.

If you want to do it, here’s how to straighten curly hair with a straightener, namely:

1. Beach Wave Tutorial by HeyKayli

The first curly hair straightener method was recommended by HeyKayli.

This beach wave tutorial makes hair more textured and voluminous without having to do hair extensions.

The technique can be applied by owners of long or short hair, with perfect results.

The method is quite easy.

Here are some steps that are applied:

  • Clip some hair.

  • Then, turn the vise half a turn, and pull it down.

  • Do it all over the hair.

  • For a more natural result, comb the hair by hand.

2. Easy Lower Curls

The next curly hair straightener method was recommended by Molita Lin, a beauty vlogger from Indonesia.

The technique makes the hair look voluminous instantly, with the lower hair looking curly.

This tutorial is suitable for women who have layered haircuts , so the curly part will make the hair more beautiful.

The method is quite easy.

Here are some steps that are applied:

  • Clip some hair.

  • Straighten the hair from the ends to the bottom.

  • When you’re almost at the bottom, turn the iron inward to create curls.

  • Do it all over the hair.

  • For a more natural result, comb the hair by hand.

3. Loose Curl

The last curly hair straightener method was recommended by Melissa.

In the video tutorial, he gives tips on how to make big waves on your hair, also known as loose curls.

The method is quite easy.

Here are some steps that are applied:

  • Clip some hair.

  • Curl the hair from the ends and twist the iron 2 times.

  • Then, pull the straightener to the bottom of the hair.

  • For perfect results, it is recommended to use a flat iron with a wide plate.

Tips for Long Lasting Curly Results

After knowing how to straighten curly hair, then know how to make curly results last longer.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Don’t Curly After Washing

We recommend curly a few days after shampooing.

The natural oils in your hair will give it a smoother texture and make your curls last longer.

If you’re worried about oil buildup that triggers odors, you can spray dry shampoo before traveling.

It is not recommended to use conditioner after shampooing, because it makes hair softer and harder to shape.

2. Use Hair Spray

Furthermore, Moms are advised to use hair spray.

Hair spray can be applied before, during, or after curling hair to give it a smoother texture.

In addition, hair spray is useful for keeping curly curls durable and long lasting.

Be careful when using hair spray.

Don’t go too close and ask too much.

This can make hair stiff and heavy.

After spraying hair spray, let it sit for a while before starting to use a straightener.

3. Use Quality Tools

The next step is to use quality tools.

For results that are durable, long lasting, and don’t damage your hair , you should invest in a tool that has guaranteed quality and quality.

For the best tools, choose a vise with tourmaline ceramic, ceramic, or pure titanium.

The price is more expensive, but can last up to 5 years more.

The flat iron conducts heat well, so it doesn’t take long to wait.

4. Use the Right Size

Benches are available in various widths.

With a small heat conductor width, the curly waves produced are also smaller.

For natural results, choose a flat iron with a wider heat conductor size.

Wider sizes can make hair waves bigger.

That’s how to straighten curly hair, as well as how to make the results durable and long lasting.

Hopefully it helps for Moms who want to look beautiful with a different hairstyle !

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