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How to Use the Right Milk Cleanser, More Glowing Face!

Follow the steps how to get maximum results!

How to use a milk cleanser must be right so that later the results obtained can be maximized.

If the milk cleanser is not used properly, the skin will not change for the better.

Milk cleanser is a cleansing milk that is included in one of the facial skin care products.

This product has a slightly thick texture and is similar to lotion .

The ingredients in milk cleansers are different.

However, there is certainly one content that is definitely present in it, namely milk which has lactic acid.

Benefits of Using Milk Cleanser

Milk cleanser has many benefits for facial skin.

Some of the benefits of this milk cleanser include:

Removes Dead Skin Cells

The first benefit of a milk cleanser is to remove dead skin cells on the face.

Since it can remove dead skin cells, the facial skin becomes brighter and more radiant.

Moisturizes the Skin

Another benefit of using a milk cleanser is that it moisturizes the skin and makes the skin feel more supple.

This is due to the content of mineral oil contained in milk cleanser.

Preventing Acne

Milk cleanser can also prevent acne.

One of the causes of acne is due to dirty facial skin.

According to a journal entitled Testing the Antibacterial Effectiveness of Milk Cleanser against Propionibacterium acne, it is explained that milk cleanser can prevent acne.

When the skin is dirty, bacteria will easily nest and cause acne .

If the skin is clean, then acne can be prevented.

Helps the Skin Regeneration Process

Another benefit of milk cleanser , which helps the process of skin regeneration.

This is because milk cleanser can remove dead skin cells, making it easier for new skin cells to grow.

How to Use the Right Milk Cleanser

If you already know the benefits, now know how to use the right milk cleanser .

How to use the right milk cleanser , take a peek at the steps below:

1. Choose Products That Suit Your Skin Type

The first way to use a milk cleanser is to choose a product that suits your skin type .

This is important to note because milk cleanser products usually have several options for skin types.

There is a milk cleanser that is specifically for oily skin, dry skin , to normal skin.

So, it’s best before buying, first check the information on the milk cleanser product .

2. Wash your hands first until clean

After choosing a milk cleanser product that is suitable for the skin, then enter the stage for how to use a milk cleanser .

Wash your hands first until completely clean.

Hands become a hotbed of germs and bacteria.

If you do not wash your hands first, it is feared that these germs and bacteria can stick to the skin.

3. Use a Bandana or Hairpin

Before using the milk cleanser , use a bandana to avoid the hair falling onto the face.

If the hair covers the face, then how to use a milk cleanser will not work properly.

Apart from bandanas, you can also use hair clips.

4. Start Applying Milk Cleanser on the Five Main Points of the Face

The next way to use the milk cleanser is to start applying the milk cleanser to the five main points on the face.

The five main points are on the forehead, nose, chin, and both sides of the right and left cheeks.

The trick, you can put a milk cleanser as big as a pod at these points.

New, start to smooth the milk cleanser until it is evenly and thoroughly to all parts of the face.

5. Do a Smooth Massage Slowly

When applying, how to use the right milk cleanser by doing fine massages using the index and middle fingers.

Make a movement like turning clockwise.

This is done so that the dirt can be lifted perfectly.

This movement is also done so that the dirt no longer enters the skin and closes the pores.

While doing the movement in a clockwise direction, you can while doing a smooth massage by slightly pressing gently when applying the milk cleanser .

6. Remove Dirt with Cotton

After the massage is done, the next way to use the milk cleanser is to remove any dirt or residue from the milk cleanser using a cotton swab.

The way to use cotton to lift dirt is to move slowly upwards and then to the outside of the face.

Do this movement repeatedly until all parts of the face have been removed using the cotton swab.

If the facial skin is dirty, then the cotton part will look brown and even black.

This is the dirt that results from using a milk cleanser .

7. Use Face Toner for the Final Step

The last way to use a milk cleanser is to use a face toner or face tonic .

Face toner is very important to use.

The goal is to complete the facial cleansing process with a milk cleanser .

Face toner functions to clean the remnants of the milk cleanser .

How to use it is to prepare a cotton swab and then pour a few drops of face toner .

Pat your face with a cotton pad that has been given face toner and then wipe the cotton all over the face.

Especially for Moms who have dry facial skin , there is no need to use cotton.

Immediately use your hands to apply the milk cleanser because dry skin easily absorbs facial toner .

Gently pat when using face toner by hand.

8. Wash Your Face Again

The last step in how to use the last milk cleanser is to wash your face again.

Washing the face again is needed to remove the remnants of the milk cleanser and face toner that have been used.

In addition, by washing your face again, the series of facial cleansing becomes more leverage.

When is the Right Time to Use Milk Cleanser?

After knowing how to use a milk cleanser , when is the right time to use it?

The best time to use a milk cleanser is at night before going to bed.

By using a milk cleanser before going to bed, the skin is able to rest after cleaning so that the results obtained can be maximized.

However, that doesn’t mean that other than at night, you can’t apply how to use a milk cleanser .

After traveling, immediately clean the face of the makeup used by using a milk cleanser .

So, you can actually use this milk cleanser at any time.

Here are some ways to use the right milk cleanser .

Hopefully the information above can be useful for Moms, yes!

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