Let’s Try 7 Trendy Short Hair Braids Below!

Stay trendy with short hair!

Short hair braids may not have occurred to Moms before because they found it difficult.

Wow, make no mistake Moms. Now there are many ways and styles of trendy and beautiful short hair braids.

Even without complicated hair ornaments hair already looks fashionable.

It is very important that you know the twisting and tying techniques to make a good braid.

Here is how to braid short hair that you can learn at home. Let’s see!

Short Hair Braid Style

Many people think that after cutting hair short, it will be difficult to find ways to make hair more attractive.

Though there are many ways to style short hair to make it look different.

One of them is to be creative with braid style.

What short hair braid styles are suitable to try? Here are some recommended styles.

1. Half Side Braid

This short braid is a simple hairstyle and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

It’s perfect for Moms who still want to style their hair loose but want to add a little creativity.

To go to a wedding, for example, this one braid can be made in no time.

How to braid:

  1. Take the right section of hair and braid as usual and pin it in the middle of the head.
  2. Take the left section of hair and braid it as usual and then combine it with the right side of the braid. Pinch the two halves in the center of the head.
  3. To look different, curl your unbraided hair and apply hair spray all over your head.

2. Double Braid

For this short hairstyle, Moms will make a pair of braids on the front of the head.

These two braids should be similar to each other based on their position, thickness, and length.

How to braid:

  1. Take a handful of hair from the right side, then pin it. Then take the hair with the same thickness from the left side and pin it.
  2. Release the hair on the right that has been pinned earlier, then divide it into three equal parts.
  3. Then start braiding from the parting to the back of the ear.
  4. Cross the right section to the center, so that the middle turns into the right.
  5. Then cross the left side and go to the center, so that the center turns left.
  6. Keep crossing it until the braid is near the ends of your hair.
  7. Leave a little at the end, then tie it with a hair elastic. Pinch the braid so that it attaches to the side of the head.
  8. Release the hair on the left that has been pinned earlier, then braid it in the same way as the hair on the right.
  9. Finally, pinch the tip of the back of the ear so that it sticks to the scalp.

3. Half Braid Updo

Half braid updo is a type of short hair braid combined with loose hair.

In general, this hairstyle is often worn by owners of long hair .

However, now the owners of short hair can also carry this hairstyle.

This type of braid requires you to make two braids, from the hair on the left side of your head and the right side of your head.

Then, braid the two braids to make it look like you’re tying your loose hair.

How to braid:

  1. Part the hair into two equal parts.
  2. Braid each section alternately, make sure it’s the same length and neatness.
  3. Tie the ends of the braid together with tweezers or a rubber band.
  4. Give decoration at the end of the tie to make it look sweet.

4. French Braid

Similar to the previous braid model, this short hair braid is also generally done on long hair.

However, the owners of short hair also do not want to lose and also use this model as well.

Apparently, the results are no less sweet, you know, Moms. Even the time required becomes less due to the short hair.

How to braid:

  1. Gather some hair from the center of the top of the head. Don’t take too much of it and try to get the collected hair growing from a parallel hairline for a neat look.
  2. Divide the collected hair into three sections with equal thickness..
  3. Hold two strands of hair in one hand, and a third strand of hair in the other.
  4. Start making a classic braid from the very top and center of your head, just above your forehead.
  5. Cross the left to the center, the right to the center, and repeat until you’ve managed to make a few rows of regular braids.
  6. Add some more hair and braid up to a few rows.
  7. Add more hair, then braid again for a few rows.
  8. And so on until the braid is no longer attached to the scalp.
  9. Finish the rest with a regular braid until it is close to the ends of the hair.. Tie it with a hair band so it doesn’t come off easily.

5. Headband Braid

The braid headband model is perfect for relaxing or on vacation.

This short hair braid can provide an advantage to avoid bad hair days while on vacation to a hot place like the beach.

Limp hair due to sweat can be disguised by making this braid, Moms.

How to braid:

  1. Take a section of hair on one side of your head and then braid it and pin it or pigtails while braiding the section of hair on the other side.
  2. Take the head braid on one side and pull it over your head just above your forehead.
  3. Then pin it at the end of the hair on that side. Do the same for the other part of the braid.
  4. To make it last longer, spray hair spray on both parts.

6. Pigtails Braid

Appropriately applied to short hair that is too short, this hairstyle can give a unique impression.

With a small amount of hair, you can still provide an attractive braid.

Here’s how to get this short hair braid model.

How to braid:

  1. Divide your hair into two sections then tie one section so that it doesn’t merge with the other sections.
  2. Start braiding with the french braid technique . In one section it is divided into three more parts.
  3. Braid the middle as usual up to two levels then make a braid with the other two sections, repeating until you run out.
  4. Do the same with the hair on the other part of the head.

7. Dutch Braid

Braids that extend from the middle of the hair and stick to the back of the ear are known as dutch braids .

So named because the way they are made is similar to french braids , but by crossing the hair down.

Are you interested in trying this short hair braid?

How to braid:

  1. Make a cleavage on the side, parallel to the right or left temple.
  2. After that, take the front section of your hair and divide it into three sections like you would a regular braid.
  3. Braid the hair by crossing the right section to the center (cross from the bottom), so that the middle section is on the right.
  4. Then cross the left section to the center (cross from the bottom), so that the center turns to the left.
  5. Keep going through a few rows, then take a lock of hair and tie it in three sections of braided hair.
  6. Also include the back of the hair in each cross. Do it continuously until it reaches the bottom of the hair. Then tie it with a hair band.
  7. Stretch the braid that you have made from the base to the end. The goal is to make the braid appear more voluminous.

That’s how to braid your hair to the side in the style of dutch braids .

Remember, these braids are made in the same technique as french braids , but by crossing them downwards.

That’s it Moms, various models of short hair braids and how to braid them. Let’s practice at home!

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