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Peek at Burgundy Hair Color Variations and Attractive Fashions!

Burgundy hair color can be an option for a new look.

Burgundy hair color is a mixture of red and blue.

This color choice is perfect when you’re looking to change your hair color, but it’s not too flashy.

Various hairstyles are also very suitable for this color.

You can also use this color from time to time, without looking out of trend.

As many Moms believe, burgundy hair color can never go wrong with any model or event.

Here are variations of burgundy hair color that you can take a peek at!

Burgundy Hair Color Variations

Burgundy hair color is considered to give a bright impression on the face.

Usually Moms with warm skin tones are highly recommended to use burgundy hair color to make it look brighter.

Moms who want to try burgundy hair color , find out the following variations.

1. Burgundy Gloss

If you want to change your hair color to burgundy , but it’s not too flashy, you can try hair gloss.

This variation will make your hair change color when exposed to light alone.

The reddish-purple color will make hair shiny when light hits the hair just right.

2. True Burgundy

The true burgundy variation also gives the impression of a hairstyle that is not too flashy.

This type of coloring is perfect for Moms who are just trying burgundy hair color .

3. Burgundy Red Hair Color

You can also choose burgundy red hair color as a variation when you want to do coloring.

The red color that leans towards ruby ​​with a purple impression is suitable for warm-skinned moms.

The red color of the hair will give a brighter impression on the face, you know!

4. Maroon Auburn

Maroon auburn or a combination of red and blonde is one variation that you can choose.

This burgundy hair color variation can be an option for moms who have pale skin when changing hair color.

So that the color is always maintained, Moms can combine it with pastel colors in a stylish way .

5. Burgundy Purple Hair Color

Burgundy purple hair color is perfect when you want to attend a festival.

The shimmery red-purple melange looks especially bright on pale, cool skin.

6. Burgundy and Blonde Hair Color

Instead of dyeing your hair one full color, try blonde mid-lengths and ends.

If taking this technique to hair style , be sure to go for a warm honey blonde shade that complements the reddish roots.

7. Wine

Moms who have medium skin can have a variety of wine when they want to try burgundy hair color .

This hair color is usually often used by Hollywood celebrities when it comes to autumn.

8. Dark Magenta

Dark magenta or dark magenta is perfect for Moms with all skin tones.

However, when choosing this color you need more care.

Do not forget to talk to the stylish before deciding to change hair color.

Burgundy Hair Color Blend

Burgundy hair color can be combined with any style and color outfit .

You can also add various types of accessories to make your appearance even more dazzling, you know.

Well, Moms who have burgundy hair color can try the following outfits to make their appearance more charming.

1. Black Lace Dress

Moms who have burgundy hair color can combine it with a black lace dress with a motif.

This color will give a bright impression when you wear it.

Moms can also give dresses with various accessories.

2. Denim

Fashion denim is also suitable to be combined with burgundy hair color .

Moms can use it when you want to hangout casually with family or friends.

3. Black Sweat Shirt

Moms can also combine burgundy hair color with a black sweatshirt like Selena Gomez.

This combination is perfect for moms who have warm skin tones .

4. Khaki Color

Khaki color is one of the outfits that you can mix with when you have burgundy hair color .

This blend is perfect for Moms who have pale skin and doesn’t give off an overdone impression.

How to Keep Burgundy Hair Color Long Lasting

Moms definitely want to have a long-lasting burgundy hair color, so there’s no need to dye it repeatedly.

Well, here’s how to keep your burgundy hair color long.

1. Choose a Special Shampoo and Conditioner

When you choose burgundy hair color , it’s a sign that you need to spend more because you need an additional budget .

This is because you should use a special shampoo and conditioner so that the color does not fade.

2. Pay attention to the water temperature

For tips this one seems to apply to general hair care.

Using warm water that is slightly cold for hair is a healthier way.

Because it makes sure not to strip the scalp and hair of moisture.

Moisture is a very important factor for hair strands to look healthy and shiny.

3. Washing Routine

Routinely washing hair or shampooing can actually help maintain the intensity of the coloring of the color intensity.

If you think washing your hair too often can get rid of your burgundy hair color, you’re wrong, you know!

So, don’t hesitate to wash your hair when you color it.

4. Choose Dry Shampoo

Because you don’t want to wash your burgundy hair too often , you should use dry shampoo or dry shampoo.

Especially if the scalp is too oily, this is hair’s best friend.

You can keep the intensity of the burgundy safe for a longer time and also keep your hair from harm.

5. Add Color Glaze

Color glaze can add shine to your burgundy red coloring and make it look bright and healthy.

This use also serves to seal the hair cuticle, thereby maintaining the strength of the hair dye for a longer period of time.

Follow the directions on the product for proper use.

After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply color glaze and leave it on for as long as needed.

Then, rinse thoroughly using cold water.

In addition to information from The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, it is stated that maintaining hair color is very important for some people to keep their appearance looking young.

So Moms, how dare you choose burgundy hair color for a new look?

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