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Split Ends: Causes, Care, Treatment

Do you have split hair?

We will reveal the whole truth: why split ends appear and how to get rid of them.

Long hair is especially at risk of “splitting” in two at the ends because it is subjected to a lot of friction. Split ends of hair are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a symptom of weakened and damaged hair .
Haircut split ends


Unfortunately, split ends cannot be repaired. You just have to prevent the split or cut off the split ends of the hair.

Split ends can occur for various reasons: the use of unsuitable hair products, mechanical stress caused by friction (for example, contact with fabric), or as a result of rough combing or exposure to high temperatures (use of a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron). In such conditions, the appearance of split ends is almost inevitable, especially if the hair is rarely cut.
Split ends: treatment
Once split ends have already appeared, getting rid of the problem can be difficult. Much easier to prevent their occurrence. Regular use of leave-in products that make combing easier – serums, conditioners and balms – and suitable for your type, will do the trick.
Equally important are your styling tools. Always use high quality combs and brushes without hard teeth, such as solid horn combs and brushes with natural bristles.
Hot styling tools (hair dryer and other styling tools) should have a temperature control option, and heat styling should be done at the lowest temperature setting. And never forget that heat protection for hair is your indispensable assistant when using hot styling tools.
Girl with split ends


Carefully take care of your hair – and split ends will no longer bother you.

Wet hair and its ends are especially sensitive to friction. Therefore, you need to be careful with your hair when drying or toweling it (you need to blot your hair, not rub it).
It’s easy enough to prevent cross-section. However, after this problem has appeared, split ends are very difficult to get rid of. There are special products that “solder” the ends, and the haircut can be postponed for a while. But if the hair is very split, haircuts cannot be avoided. In general, if you keep a light haircut regularly, then split ends can be prevented.
Special remedies for split ends
Girl with ombre coloring
If you dye your hair regularly, do not forget that after dyeing your hair, and especially their ends, need special care.

Hair problems such as split ends can be prevented or reduced with the help of special shampoos, conditioners, oils and special products. Moisturizing and nourishing care products help protect hair and prevent damage. Penetrating deep into the structure, the ingredients “seal” the tips, thus preventing cross-section.

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