Take a peek at 11 Trendy and Edgy Korean Short Hair Inspirations

Let’s create a new hair look by following the Korean short hairstyle.

The Korean short hair trend is indeed at its peak, yes, Moms! How not, this inspiration comes from Korean drama films that we watch lately.

Korean women’s hair is synonymous with short cuts that reach the shoulders and a shiny texture.

Not only that, the hair of female actors in Korean films and dramas that we watch also looks soft and charming.

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Well, for Moms who are looking for Korean short hair ideas, check out some of the inspiration below.

Korean Short Hair Inspiration for Women

Short straight hair with side bangs is one of the Korean short hair trend ideas for women.

This hairstyle is often followed by Indonesians as a new look and looks more fresh, trendy, and edgy.

If you are still confused about choosing the cut style, don’t be afraid because there are so many examples inspired by various Korean dramas that you can imitate, you know! Well, here are 11 Korean short hair inspirations for women that might be suitable for you.

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1. Wavy Bang Bob

Well, the first Korean short hair idea is the wavy bob .

The bob cut is indeed one of the easy and practical women’s haircuts. To beautify the hairstyle, Moms can give curly accents at the ends of the hair.

The trick is to make ‘curls’ at the ends of this hair by straightening it. This look is for attending a formal event.

This short Korean hair was inspired by the drama series The World of The Married , played by Min Hyeon-so.

He is synonymous with short hair and is the hallmark of this drama series about infidelity.

Moms can also give the appearance of flat front bangs to make the face look cuter.

2. Mini Wavy

Don’t like accents that are too curly? Moms can try mini wavy as a Korean short hair idea.

Wave accents on hair look more natural, thick and voluminous. Perfect for everyday looks.

The inspiration for this short woman’s hair came from the cast Hye-ri, from the series Reply 1988 .

This bob can be easily styled or blown inwards , giving women’s hair extra texture and volume.

Easy to style, right?

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3. Natural No Comb Haircut

Women’s hair is quite easy to style and create.

The next Korean short hair idea is a natural no comb haircut . This is perfect for Moms who want to be practical and don’t like over- styling .

This woman’s hair resembles that of Hwang Jung Eum, a South Korean actress and former member of the KPOP group “Sugar”.

Haircut above the shoulder with a natural impression ‘without being combed’ has become one of the favorites of many people.

The scissors look flat, but there is a little texture to make the hair look more volume, you know.

4. Messy Bob

Looks similar, but this one woman’s hair can also be an inspiration, you know.

This is a messy bob with a layered hairstyle and the bottom of the hair comes out and looks natural.

This can be an option for Moms who want to create texture in the hair.

This short Korean hairstyle is suitable for round face shapes and chubby  cheeks to make it look cuter.

You can estimate the length of your hair above or below your chin.

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5. Straight Bob Hair

Who doesn’t know this Korean singer? Lisa’s haircut “Blackpink” became the inspiration for Koera’s next short hair.

With short, flat and straight cuts, it’s a trend for today’s women’s haircuts.

Plus the black color like native Indonesian hair, making this haircut suitable for Moms to try.

Give accent bangs to make the face look thinner, yes.

6. Half Up Messy Bun

Korean women often style their hair in a bun for a fresher look.

This Korean short hair idea can be tried for a practical and easy-to-manage look.

This is suitable for moms who are active and sweat easily. Make a short layered cut and tie half the hair in a ‘bun ‘.

To enhance the texture of your hair, you can stick it at the bottom of your hair. This is to give the hair a wavy look and more volume.

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7. Blonde Blunt Bob

Tired of Indonesian black women’s hair? Let’s try the idea of ​​Korean short hair with blonde color , Moms.

Korean-style short hair that you can choose is a  blunt bob  with side bangs with a flat haircut.

Blonde with a touch of gray and brown makes short Korean hair look more edgy.

Dare to try, Moms?

8. Shoulder Hair Korean

Don’t want too short hair? Let’s try Korean shoulder hair women’s hair.

This short Korean hairstyle that touches the shoulder is a hair trend for Indonesian women today.

Hairstyles with straight mencatok the ends to make it look more character and firm.

This inspiration is like the South Korean actress, Oh Soo-ah from Itaewon Class. Characteristics of thick and thick black hair color makes many people interested in following him.

In addition to black hair, you can also dye your hair brown for a more modern look .

Add see-through bangs that are left long past the eyebrows. This women’s hairstyle is suitable for covering a wide forehead .

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9. Pixie Hair Cut

Not only Korean men can try a haircut like this. In fact, women’s hair can also be turned into a pixie haircut .

This Korean women’s short hairstyle is suitable for Moms who want to be practical.

It doesn’t take much time to straighten or style your hair , just comb your hair and it’s fully ready.

With this short haircut above the chin, Moms also save more on shampoo, you know!

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10. Medium Haircut

Another Korean short hair inspiration is the medium haircut .

With hair hanging below the shoulders, this is one of the haircuts that is suitable for everyday activities.

Moms can give bangs that follow the length of the hair to look more natural.

Give the hair texture with layer cuts , so that the hair looks more volume, yes.

11. Ombre Korean Hair

Ombre hair is one of the most popular trendy hair style for women.

For moms who dare to play with color and experiment, try this Korean short hair, come on.

With a short bob, add your favorite colors like pink, purple, green and even blue

Want to appear more quirky? Cut your hair short in a boyfriend bob and give it a brown or blonde color .

Korean short haircuts that are no less interesting are pastel ombre.

So that your hair is not dry and damaged when exposed to the heat of styling tools, don’t forget to always  spray hair vitamin spray before ironing.

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