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These are 4 ways to naturally thin thick hair without the need for a straightener

Having thick and healthy hair is indeed the desire of many people, but what if this thick hair is caused by hair damage?

Yes, hair damage is not only characterized by thinning hair due to hair loss, damaged hair can also look thick and unfortunately very dull, brittle and the hair feels “clumpy”.

This is because the hair lacks nutrients and excess oil that has been mixed with dust and dirt, making it stick out here and there and difficult to manage.

To overcome this we need to know how to thin thick hair naturally, so that our hair can look thin without having to use hair straightening drugs,

For those of you who have this problem, don’t be in a hurry to find a straightener, because using a hot iron to thin out thickened hair due to hair damage can exacerbate the condition of hair damage.

You certainly don’t want this to happen. To solve the problem of thickened hair, it is better to use natural methods, which do not involve heat or machines, so that further hair damage does not occur.

How to thin thick hair naturally can be done by treating and nourishing the hair.

The first way to thin thick hair naturally is to clean your hair regularly by using the right shampoo for the natural condition of your hair.

Wash your hair at least once every three days to suppress excess hair oil production. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, eating shampoo every two days can help you to maintain cleanliness and control the production of oil in your hair which causes hair to feel thick but limp.

To make hair lighter and look thinner, use hair conditioner after every shampooing. Conditioner will help you get soft and manageable hair instantly by restoring its natural moisture.

After shampooing, dry your hair without rubbing it too hard, then comb your hair and let it dry naturally.

Do not use a dryer, because using a dryer will make your hair more fluffy. Drying your hair naturally is a natural way to thin out thick hair.

The next way is to use herbal ingredients to thin the hair.

The purpose of thinning hair here is not to make hair fall out so that the amount is thinning, but rather to make hair more neatly arranged, not sticking out so it looks thinner.

How to thin thick hair naturally with herbal ingredients can be done by using aloe vera gel.

Try applying a small amount of aloe vera gel directly to your hair like you would a styling gel.

The next way to thin thick hair naturally is to protect your hair from sun exposure which can cause dry hair, but feels very sticky and greasy.

If we are forced to travel when the sun is hot, use an umbrella or head covering to protect hair from the harsh rays of the sun.

But it should also be noted, the hair cover used must be a hair cover that absorbs sweat and not too thick to ensure the hair can still “breathe” even though it is covered.

This of course affects the health of the hair, especially sweat can cause hair to become limp and brittle.

And the last way to naturally thin thick hair you can do to make your hair look thin is to cut your hair.

Ask your subscription hair stylist to cut your hair in a fashion that can make hair look thin.

Usually the hairdresser will use a special hair clipper to create the effect of a thinning cut on thick.

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