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Various Functions of Conditioner for Healthy Hair

The conditioner function is able to moisturize and smooth the hair!

Moms, knowing the function of conditioner is very important, to maintain hair health in depth.

This hair care product is used after shampooing.

According to the webMD page , the main purpose of conditioner is to moisturize the hair, as well as protect the hair from the sun and environmental damage.

Conditioner is similar to moisturizer for the skin to help it stay healthy.

Various Functions of Conditioner

Reported by the Indian Journal of Dermatology , healthy hair looks clean, soft, and shiny.

To get these results, additional care is needed, here are some functions of the conditioner :

1. Hair Repair

Conditioner function repairs damaged hair and improves its appearance.

The right conditioner strengthens the hair follicles to prevent further hair damage .

In addition, it can protect hair from direct sunlight .

2. Nutrition for Dry Hair

Conditioner has many natural nutrients needed to keep dry hair healthy .

Therefore, the conditioner function reduces the amount of dryness in the hair and gives it a smooth and shiny appearance.

3. Rejuvenate the Scalp

After shampooing, hair can dry out.

For that, Moms can use a conditioner to help rejuvenate the scalp .

Also, the conditioner should be left on for a few minutes to get the maximum benefit.

4. Overcome Tangled Hair

Conditioners are great for repairing dry , brittle and chemically treated hair.

Conditioner function is important to remove tangles and beautify all hair types.

Tips for Using Conditioner

However, there’s a lot we don’t know about getting the most out of the conditioner function .

Here are some tips for using conditioner that can be imitated, namely:

1. Use Conditioner for Volume Hair

If you have very oily hair, the following tips are suitable for you.

First of all, apply conditioner before shampooing.

The goal is to strengthen and coat the hair with a layer of moisture and hydration before washing.

So, when shampooing, the conditioner will come off with the shampoo.

So, conditioner will make the hair more oily .

If you wash your hair without conditioner first, your hair can peel.

In this case, that’s not the case, because the conditioner ‘s function prevents the shampoo from cleaning the hair too hard.

2. Leave the Conditioner to Absorb

If you want frizz-free, straight, and smooth hair, conditioner is the right hair care product to use.

The conditioner function can be the right hair care product to use after shampooing.

It is used to add moisture to the hair.

The trick is after washing your hair, apply conditioner , and let it sit for a while.

Then, comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb, so that the conditioner absorbs well.

Conditioner will help hydrate and smooth each strand, as well as remove frizz .

3. Dry Your Hair Before Using Conditioner

Conditioner must be left on for some time.

Preferably, conditioner should not be applied to drenched hair.

This may cause the product to not be absorbed properly.

So, dry your hair with a towel.

Then, apply conditioner without hitting the scalp, OK!

4. Use of Conditioner on Damaged Hair

Unlike shampooing, these tips on using conditioner are time consuming.

You can’t just apply it and wash it off.

At the very least, you should leave it on for a full two minutes for it to have an effect on your hair.

If you have dry hair that is prone to breakage, it may need to be left on longer.

Use a special conditioner for dry hair if you don’t let the product get absorbed.

5. Mix Rose Water

Rose water is something that most of us have at home and use to clean our face.

However, did you know that rose water is also beneficial for hair health?

This magical product softens hair and adds shine, acting as a conditioner in itself.

So, mix rose water in shampoo and then apply conditioner.

6. Mix Argan Oil

For those who have very dry or frizzy hair, using conditioner is a must to get shiny hair.

Mix a drop of Moroccan argan oil into the conditioner .

Apply this mixture to wet hair after shampooing.

It is important not to apply to hair that is completely wet, as the product will not be absorbed well.

7. Don’t Rinse Immediately

If you have dry and frizzy hair , try experimenting with leaving some conditioner residue on the strands.

Basically, when you rinse your hair, it leaves a layer that feels soft and silky, not clean.

One method of rinsing out conditioner while letting it sit a little is to collect water in your palms while rinsing the product.

8. Use Coconut Oil

If you run out of conditioner , massage lightly with a little warm coconut oil.

Leave this for no more than 15 minutes.

Then, rinse with shampoo.

As a result, hair will be soft , shiny, and feel smoother.

If you’re prone to breakouts, pull your hair up with bobby pins while the conditioner is on your hair in the shower to keep it away from your skin.

Although reactions are rare, pay attention if the products used irritate the scalp.

The main risk is getting the product in the eyes or nose, which can cause a burning sensation.

There are several types of conditioners and how to use them.

Adjust the conditioner to each individual’s needs.

Those are the various conditioner functions that can maximize your hair care, right!

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